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Have you heard of NOWFE? The New Orleans Wine & Food Experience not only introduces wine and food, but also offers a cultural, artistic, musical and authentic New Orleans experience. NOWFE will be held from June 9th to 13th, 2021. If you like wine, this is a unique encounter and a great opportunity to interact with winemakers, chefs and industry insiders. NOWFE is a non-profit organization whose proceeds are used to support cooking education. Raised over $ 1.5 million for a local non-profit organization. For more information, go to the following website:

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New Orleans Wine & Food Experience has announced that tickets for the 2021 event are now on sale. As a safety measure for Covid-19, the organizers have moved NOWFE to a midsummer event from June 9th to 13th. I’m looking forward to the summer schedule. There are several popular events, but it’s most important to get together safely. Rest assured that NOWFE 2021 will be a safe place to share your love for food and wine. ~ Amy Brown, Executive Director of NOWFE, said:

NOWFE event details

Ella Brennan “Stand Up for Hometown” Award
Tuesday, June 8th, 7:00 pm (6 pm, VIP reception)

Every year now The Ella Brennan Lifetime Achievement in Hospitality Award is presented to one winner who has made a lifetime contribution to the hospitality industry through exceptional leadership, personality and professionalism. Achievements and charitable contributions to the community. Over the past year, many people in our community have stood up for others, so we couldn’t choose just one. In 2021, now Announces Ella Brennan’s “Stand Up for Your Hometown” award for winners who show unwavering love and extraordinary reaction to support the New Orleans community during a pandemic To do. The award is named after legendary restaurant owner Ella Brennan in honor of her deep passion and dedication that has been an important and long-standing influence on the New Orleans hospitality industry. Rib Room: Zack Strief (Pork Orleans Brewing Company), Isaac and Amanda Toups (Toups Meetley), Phil Moseley and Ronnie Evans (Blue Oak BBQ), Devin Dewolf (Supply Frontline, 2) (Fed the second line) Gilbert (chef’s brigade). Bullsard (SOLD OUT): Organized by Zeid, Marv, Richy Ammari (Creole Cuisine Restaurant Concepts), Al Copeland Jr. (Al Copeland Foundation), Lauren Darnell (MiNO Foundation), Jennifer Kelley Killian (Louisiana Hospitality Foundation). GailerThat is, de Galatoire: Melvin Rodrigue (The National Restaurant Association), Donald Link, Stephen Stryjewski (Link) Restaurant Group), Erich and Jennifer Weishaupt (Lagniappe Krewe Emergency Relief Fund), Charles Armstrong (Peewee’s Crabcakes On The Go).

NOWFE Pour wine 2
Thursday, June 10 (12:30 pm & 5:30 pm seats), the capital of Baronne

Wine lovers who appreciate the finest things in their lives will find VINOLA a place to connect with fine wines and interact with winemakers. As the wine industry changes, so does the taste of wine lovers. With VINOLA, you never get bored. Enjoy a rare and unique wine for over $ 60. VINOLA is provided sitting safely.

June 11th (Friday) -June 12th (Saturday) Time and place

Learn from top wine experts and renowned chefs through exciting presentations on what’s attracting attention in the wine industry and the culinary world. From beginner foodies to expert curious people, there’s something for everyone. There is a lot of new information and fresh perspectives on wine and cooking.

NOWFE Pouring Wine

June 11th (Friday) -June 13th (Sunday) Time and place

Discover a unique, interactive wine and culinary encounter that introduces New Orleans’ unique culture and style. These real-life experiences take you on a journey through neighborhoods, culinary styles, and unexpected Laguniappe fun. Space is limited, so don’t miss it.

Grand tasting
Friday, June 11th, 6pm, The Sugar Mill (SOLD OUT)
Saturday, June 12, 12:30 pm, Sugar Mill
Saturday, June 12, 6:00 pm, Sugar Mill

Grand tasting now Introducing wines and dishes from around the world offered by top New Orleans chefs. Wine lovers look forward to meeting winemakers around the world, asking questions and tasting a special appellation. Novice wine lovers can simply enjoy the experience of trying out many new wines and learning what they like about different styles, varieties and price ranges.

All participants appreciate the possibility of chatting with up-and-coming chefs who are renowned in the culinary world. The Fleur de Lys Cooking Award will also be awarded to the winner of the Grand Tasting. Grand tasting is provided safely.

We have created several ticket packages to provide the best experience for our guests. At different levels, everyone can find the one that fits their budget and schedule. ~ Joey Wally, President of NOWFE

NOWFE is Back! | New Orleans Local Events And News Source link NOWFE is Back! | New Orleans Local Events And News

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