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NSU earns high marks for hospitality industry program – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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Northeastern State University holds the top spot among US universities preparing students for a multi-billion dollar hospitality career. (Photo by Miguel Ángel Sanz of Unsplash)

With more work in Oklahoma and the multifaceted hospitality industry across the country, Tahlequah’s Northeastern State University deserves high praise for how it prepares students for them, University Headquarters reported on Monday.

Billing as an online resource to help people navigate higher education, the University Headquarters has recently rated 100 universities for students pursuing careers in hotel and restaurant management, casinos, cruises, resort operations, and more. We have decided on the best university. NEO reported that it was ranked 8th by offering both quality and affordability.

NSU is not that big, with about 7,300 undergraduate and graduate students enrolled. Tuition fees in the state are about $ 6,900 per year, which is well received by other schools. NEO also has good student retention and graduation rates, University Headquarters reported.

Students enrolled in the Hospitality and Tourism Management Program will learn not only hospitality, but also data analysis, marketing, human resources development, operations management, and finance. Graduates need to be able to find or hold a position such as a hotel manager, attraction manager, marketing director, or tourism program coordinator. Even before the pandemic, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that it was waiting for more than 1.1 million jobs to be fulfilled in the travel and hospitality industry. According to a study by the Oklahoma Department of Tourism and Recreation, the Oklahoma travel and tourism industry generated a record $ 9.6 billion in direct spending by an estimated 21.5 million visitors in 2018. More than 100,000 jobs in the state are supported by industries that have grown in recent years, including by tribal investments in casinos, hotels, restaurants and other attractions.

Joan Williams, an associate professor of hospitality and tourism management at NEO, said the hospitality industry is actually the number one employer in the world, but most people don’t know how vast and vast the field is. Hmm. Former NEO students work for large corporations in areas such as travel and event planning, hotel and casino management.

“When we work hard to create a quality program, we are honored to be recognized,” Williams said. “We are working hard to stay relevant to today’s changing environment. We (also) have a vibrant advisory board to help bring current best practices into the classroom. I am receiving support. “

Upon completing the program at NSU, students major in hospitality and tourism and earn a bachelor’s degree in business administration. According to Williams, students not only set out with a strong business foundation, but also have specific knowledge in the areas of hospitality, tourism, gaming and recreation.

“Entering is an exciting field,” she said. “I think anyone who loves this industry can get formal training to get a college degree.”

NSU offers more than bachelor’s degree training. We also offer event management certification. Students enrolled in the 15-hour Certificate Program will learn the basics of conference management, service industry management, tourism marketing and conventions, and trade show management.

“This is a great way to help college provide professional development to workers without having to return to college full-time,” Williams said.

NSU earns high marks for hospitality industry program Source link NSU earns high marks for hospitality industry program

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