NSYNC Lance-Hollywood Life Based on Becoming a Twin Father Before Father’s Day

NSYNC’s Lance Bass will soon double that of Dad. He opened up about his excitement before Father’s Day in this exclusive new interview.

NSYNCof Lance Bass, 42, there’s a lot to celebrate June of this year: he’s not just celebrating the pride month with him LGBTQ community, He is also preparing to participate Dad club When husband Michael Turchin, 34, this fall. “I’m very excited!” Lance said Hollywood Life Exclusively on June 18th. “We’ve been working on it for quite some time, so now that it’s happening, it’s starting to feel real! It feels really real because everyone knows it. Until October. I can’t wait. “

After a miscarriage and several in vitro fertilization failures, Lance, who uses a surrogate mother to carry twin boys and girls, had a hard time sealing her lips. “Look, I have a big mouth,” Lance revealed. “It’s hard for me to keep things up. We’ve been doing this for four years, so it was very hard to keep everything up, but I’m happy to be able to talk about it in the end. .. We feel we need We have experienced so many ups and downs, so we are part of the community as we meet a lot of couples who have experienced a lot of support and processes and a lot of miscarriages before It’s nice to feel there community This is what we found. “

And he already relies on close friends in his dad community!Lance joins fellow NSYNC members Joey Fatone, 44, for spectacular performance Backstreet Boys members Nick carter, 41, and AJ McLean, 43. This was the first time both groups had joined forces, all for good reason. NSYNC and BSB wanted to celebrate their pride on a special night at Bingo Under the Stars in Los Angeles Globe. Event that raised $ 1 million with $ TKINU tokens Trevor Project On behalf of the relationship with Mission month.

Reims is blessed and overjoyed, but a little afraid of the unexpected. “There are two!” Lance talked about what scared him the most. “That’s twice the problem. I think there is Not sleeping at all When you have twins, I’m fine with that. We slept well. I’m glad. But I’m excited because my husband is twins. “

With October just a few months away, he is ready to be on the side of his surrogate mother when she gives birth. “Oh, I’m sure I’ll be there,” Lance added. “The good thing is that they are twins, so they are caesarean sections, so they are not. I’m surprised Hopefully unless they come early. I have to fly to another state to do this, so I hope they don’t come early. But yeah, I’m excited. “

NSYNC Lance-Hollywood Life Based on Becoming a Twin Father Before Father’s Day

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