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Riverside, California 2021-06-07 23:30:57 –

Kaelin said he was no longer qualified to represent the county and would leave the area.

Nueces County, Texas-Former Sheriff Jim Kerin leaves his role as Republican Chairman in Nueces County and says goodbye to the city he used to call his hometown for most of his life.

In the middle of his two-year term, Kaerin decided to leave his current post.

Kaelin said he would leave the area because he would no longer be qualified to represent the county. He said he would miss the city and South Texas.

“My dad brought us here when he was stationed in the Navy’s Cabanis Field in 1949. My dad from Boston likes warm climates and in cold temperatures like Boston. He said he wouldn’t come back, “Kerin said. ..

Kaerin spent his time in the army on a deployment to Vietnam and returned to Japan in 1968 to find a law enforcement career.

He first spent several years at the sheriff’s office and then worked at DPS.

“I stayed in the highway patrol division for 29 years and retired. When the sheriff’s opportunity came, Sharon and I were enjoying retirement. I was surprised to win my name on the ballot. I did, “Kerin said.

He served as a sheriff at the forefront of prison reform for the next 12 years.

“I participated in the failed prison system, but with the help of the county judge and the county commissioner, I was able to secure the funds needed to bring the prison back to standard,” Kaelin said. ..

A year after retiring, he said he was asked to run again by a top local Republican, this time elected chairman of the Republican Party.

“I received more hate mail as Republican chairman than ever as a Nueces County sheriff.

He called his recent position one of the most difficult tasks, from executing strategies to securing funding.

Shortly after he was elected, Kerin faced a call for resignation, especially on Facebook, which was controversial, suggesting that Governor Greg Abbott may have directed George Floyd’s death. After sharing the post.

Relation: Jim Kerin rejects Governor Abbott’s request to resign as Republican chairman in Nueces County

Kaerin rejected the request.

“This has nothing to do with it. I’ve done what I need to do. Now we’re heading in the right direction. It’s certainly going in the right direction, not before. The chair that replaced me looks like this. It keeps the party moving in that direction. I look forward to taking no responsibility at this point in life. Kaerin said.

Relation: The GOP county chairman was asked to resign because he suggested that the killing of George Floyd might have been planned.

Kaelin said he and his wife are looking forward to getting closer to their daughter, who lives in another part of Texas.

“What we have planned for a long time has finally come to the right opportunity,” says Kaelin.

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