Nuggets beat Blazers 147-140 in 2OT, Lillard scores 55 – Denver, Colorado

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Denver (AP) — Michael Porter Jr.’s three points left 1 minute 33 seconds in the second extra time, and the Denver Nuggets defeated the Portland Trail Blazers 147-140 in Game 5 of the playoffs. A series that suppresses a spectacular comeback.

The Nuggets won despite a record 55 points in the Damian Lillard franchise playoffs and 12 three-point shots in the NBA playoffs. He surpassed the 11-set mark set by Golden State Klay Thompson on May 28, 2016 in Oklahoma City.

Lillard scored 17 of Portland’s 19 points in two extra times, but in 17 tries he scored a 12th 3-point shot to lead the Blazers to 140-138, with 3 minutes 47 remaining. I didn’t score again in seconds.

And his teammates didn’t score again.

Nikola Jokić scored 38 points, one assist behind the triple-double, but tied the score with 140 points in the layup. Porter defeated Thailand with 3 points at 1 minute 33 seconds from the left corner.

The Blazers returned to Portland with two major mistakes and were within three points until they pulled the Nuggets 3-2 in Round 6 on Thursday night and lost 3-2 in the 7th Round series.

First, Robert Covington missed a dunk with 41 seconds left, then CJ McCollum went out of bounds with 9.1 seconds left, and Lillard scored three more points.

Monte Morris, who scored 28 points from the bench, scored two free throws in 8.8 seconds and sealed them, while Shack Harrison added two free throws in 3.8 seconds.

Lillard broke his franchise scoring record with a 50-point burst against Oklahoma City on April 23, 2019.

Lillard’s regulation 3P with 3 seconds remaining was 121 points. In the first extra time, his 3 points with 6.4 seconds remaining was 135 points, closing the gap by 9 points in overtime after Denver hit the trio. The return of Portland was closed. 3 seconds.

The Nuggets scored three quick three-point shots in the first overtime, two by Morris and another by Austin Rivers, a 132-123 difference. Portland missed the first five long balls in overtime, but Lillard sank three times in the last minute, forcing him to extend for the second time.

Denver has improved to 187 wins and 1 loss in games since April 2, 2008, leading more than 22 wins at any given time, including the postseason.

The match looked like a wreck to Denver when the Nuggets led Paul Millsap’s layup 54 to 32 with 7 minutes and 52 seconds remaining in the second quarter.

Denver was leading 59-39 with 51/2 minutes remaining in the second quarter, but just to see the Blazers pulling to 65-62 in halftime with a run of 23-6. did.

McCollum’s 11-foot jumper buzzer beater makes it a one-possession game during breaks. During Portland’s big run, the Nuggets played without baskets for more than four minutes, moving the season’s largest crowd (10,500) from enthusiastic to edgy.

Portland led Lillard’s free throw 83-82 and took the first lead after Jokić whistled for technical reasons for claiming the call.

More porters

Michael Porter Jr.’s shots were reduced from 21 to 13 and 11 to 3 in Games 1-4, and the Nuggets forward declared: game. “In the fifth game, he threw 13 shots and scored 26 points. He also dropped 12 boards.

Court order

Nuggets coach Michael Malone said he “ruined the game” in response to a series of bad fan attitudes across the NBA.

“People are pretending to be fools. That’s my reaction, and it’s almost like a counterfeit now: Who can one-up others?” Malone said. “… I think some people are just trying to get out of this COVID pandemic and express themselves. But that’s not the way to do it. Let the players play the game, enjoy the game, [rear] In your seat, place the plastic bottle on your lap and do not spit or use racist language on the player.

“Any player, not just ours. It ruins the game. The playoffs are the best time of the year for NBA basketball. Let’s spotlight the players throughout the league.”

Portland coach Terry Stotts said it was “like a trend that disappoints anxiety and expectations. If you think about it, I hope it’s not a trend.” “Hopefully it’s a trend.” It’s just an individual incident. “


Trail Blazers: Portland missed the first eight shots (the first four were from long distances). The first Blazers basket received a goal-ending call from Porter and gave Norman Powell the basket in 6 minutes 55 seconds. … Lillard recovered from a 10-point performance with 1 out of 10 shots in Game 4, 17 out of 24, including 12 out of 17 from long distances and 9 out of 10 from stripes. I hit a shot.

Nuggets: The first basket in the second half of Denver came at 9:51 at Aaron Gordon’s dunk. … the Nuggets led the 3 point range 5 to 7 to 38 to 25 in the first quarter. … In the second quarter’s three-second sequence, Jokić blocked a series of shots by Norman Powell and Nurkić. … The Nuggets won Portland’s 4-12 in overtime 5-7-3.

Nuggets beat Blazers 147-140 in 2OT, Lillard scores 55 Source link Nuggets beat Blazers 147-140 in 2OT, Lillard scores 55

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