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Nurse gets 10 years in prison for rape of incapacitated woman at care facility where she gave birth | St. Louis News Headlines – St. Louis, Missouri

St. Louis, Missouri 2021-12-07 14:05:00 –

(AP)-A former Arizona nurse was sentenced to 10 years in prison on Thursday for sexually assaulting an incompetent woman in a long-term care facility where she later gave birth.

Nathan Sutherland received the maximum punishment required under his agreement to plead guilty to sexual assault. He was also convicted of vulnerable adult abuse resulting from the treatment of women and received lifelong probation.

“In this case, it’s hard to imagine an adult who is more vulnerable than the victim,” said Judge Margaret Rabianca of the High Court, Sutherland using his position of trust as a caregiver to sexually abuse the victim. He added that he had abused him.

Pregnancy was discovered in December 2018 when an employee of Phoenix’s Hacienda Healthcare facility was changing clothes for a then 29-year-old victim and noticed that the patient was giving birth to a child. Employees told police they didn’t know the woman was pregnant.

Police said Sutherland’s DNA matched a sample taken from a female son. The victim’s mother is the guardian of the boy.

Before the punishment was given, Sutherland told the judge about the problems in his life that resulted from being brought into the adoption of the child. He also offered to apologize to the victim and her family and said he understood that the situation was not fair to the child either.

“I’m sorry for the victims,” ​​Sutherland said. “No matter what happened to your private life or the devil I was fighting, you didn’t deserve to be hurt. I didn’t have the right to get over it.”

Sudden childbirth triggered a review by state government agencies, highlighting safety concerns for patients with severe disabilities or incapacity, and urging the resignation of one of Asienda’s chief executive officers and victim doctors.

Victims claim that Sutherland took care of her daughter hundreds of times from 2012 to 2018, despite a state promise to contract with a company like Hacienda to serve people with developmental disabilities It led to a lawsuit from the parents of the person. Will take care of her. Experts representing her family say that many of Sutherland’s encounters with patients happened overnight with few staff and visitors.

According to a family lawyer, Asienda overlooked the signs that the woman was giving birth and pointed out that in the months before the child was born, she gained weight, had a swollen stomach and lost her menstruation. They said that victims who had a feeding tube and lost nutrition in response to weight gain during pregnancy gave birth to a boy in severe dehydration without painkillers.

The victim lived in Hacienda for 26 years until the child was born. Her condition is due to brain damage that caused motor and cognitive impairment and loss of vision. She was also left without functional use of her limbs.

Sutherland, an associate nurse, was dismissed by Hacienda after his arrest and subsequently relinquished his license as a nurse.

The judge approved a $ 15 million settlement with a doctor who cared for a woman for 26 years while she lived in Hacienda Healthcare. The doctor’s insurance company claims that you are not obliged to pay that amount.

Arizona settled for $ 7.5 million last summer.

Perry Petrilli, the current CEO of Hacienda Healthcare, said employees worked with law enforcement authorities to protect the ideas of victims and their families, saying, “He will never afflict other innocent people again. So I’m relieved. “

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Nurse gets 10 years in prison for rape of incapacitated woman at care facility where she gave birth | St. Louis News Headlines Source link Nurse gets 10 years in prison for rape of incapacitated woman at care facility where she gave birth | St. Louis News Headlines

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