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Tampa, Florida 2022-05-09 21:29:36 –

Aurora, Colorado (KMGH) — During the pandemic, many have learned new ways to use technology as an advantage in their daily lives.

All professions, including nurses, were affected.

Chelseigh Newkerk is an ICU nurse in Denver Health, but recently University of Colorado School of Nursing As part of research on the use of virtual reality to support the training of medical professionals.

“If you really need to dig into something, you can look around and walk near the patient,” she said, wearing Oculus VR goggles while standing in the middle of the classroom. I explained the experience of interacting with ER patients.

This research is led by Associate Professor Angela Powell. During the early days of the pandemic, Faculty of Nursing The school began to consider virtual options because it was unable to perform clinical work in the field with real patients.

Powell is currently trying to find out which virtual method works best.

“We know that students love it, but does it really help patient care and patient safety? My hope is that,” she said.

Research is currently in its infancy and it will take a considerable amount of time for students to use virtual reality as a regular part of the curriculum.

For now, Newkerk and others participating in the study are happy to be able to do a little extra practice to make potentially life-saving decisions.

“Virtual reality just removes that pressure and you can work in a really comfortable environment without fear of mistakes,” she said.

This story was originally reported by Kevin Krug thedenverchannel.com.

Nursing students test virtual reality training platform Source link Nursing students test virtual reality training platform

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