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NV Energy warns of holiday scams | News – Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada 2021-11-24 12:14:00 –

Las Vegas (FOX5)-As holidays approach, NV Energy is calling on customers to be aware of potential utility fraud.

Common utility scams include misrepresenting yourself as a phone call, email, or direct NV Energy, threatening an immediate disconnection of your utility business while requesting payment.

You should keep in mind that NV Energy will not call or email you to request immediate payment for any reason. If there is a risk of power loss due to delinquency, NV Energy’s invoice will be notified 10 days in advance and 48 hours in advance via US Mail. NV Energy does not accept payments by Zelle, Venmo, MoneyPak, or Bitcoin and does not require payment by QR or barcode. Also, the company does not request credit card information over the phone.

If the customer requests immediate payment and is the subject of a call that threatens disconnection, if you have additional questions, you should decline and call your local law enforcement agency or NV Energy. Customers can call NV Energy’s 24/7 Customer Service Department at 775-834-4444 in northern Nevada and 702-402-5555 in southern Nevada.

Door-to-door scammers may also pretend to be a utility to gain admission or access. According to NV Energy, people who provide unplanned services will never come to your home. For regular service, a technician may knock on the door and knock on the door before repair or equipment installation to warn of its presence, but you do not need to enter the house. NV Energy does not request or receive payments in the field.

NV Energy requires employees and contractors to always wear ID badges when contacting customers in the field. Employees are never allowed to receive payments in the field.

For more tips and reminders on how to protect yourself from fraud, visit the following website:

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