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Washington, District of Columbia 2021-05-06 10:43:59 –

The New York Attorney General’s office said in a new report that broadband-funded campaigns …

The New York Attorney General’s office said in a new report that the broadband industry-funded campaign submitted millions of fake comments in support of the abolition of net neutrality in 2017.

The Federal Communications Commission’s controversial 2017 was the Obama era, which banned Internet service providers from slowing down or blocking websites and apps, or billing businesses to speed up consumers. Abolished the rule of.

This procedure generated a record number of comments — over 22 million. Nearly 18 million of them were fake comments, according to the Attorney General’s report, and a broadband industry group called Broadband for America spent $ 4.2 million to generate over 8.5 million fake FCC comments. 500,000 fake letters were also sent to Congress.

According to the report, according to internal documents received by the Attorney General’s office, the goal of the campaign is “widespread grassroots support” for the abolition of net neutrality that could be given to then-FCC chairman Ajit. It was to make it look like. Pie, “volume and intellectual cover” for abolition.

According to the Broadband for America website, its members include AT & T and Comcast, as well as major trading groups in the wireless, cable and telecom industries.

Attorney General Letitia James also announced an agreement with three companies responsible for millions of fake comments: Fluent Inc., Opt-Intelligence Inc., and React2Media Inc. These companies will need to change the practices of future advocacy campaigns. Pay a fine of $ 4.4 million.

AT & T, Comcast, and the industry groups NCTA and US Telecom didn’t immediately answer the question.

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NY AG: Broadband industry behind fake FCC comments Source link NY AG: Broadband industry behind fake FCC comments

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