NYC firefighters find peace in Florida after 9/11 – Tampa, Florida

Tampa, Florida 2021-09-08 15:39:06 –

Palm Harbor, Florida — On the morning of September 11, 2001, Rich Micho was at Ladder Company 163 in Queens.

“We were all ready. We removed the tool from the rig, and our entire battalion stayed in this one place opposite the North Tower,” Micho said.

He says he looked up at the top of the tower turning into a mushroom cloud and starting to descend.

“After hearing all sorts of noise around me, everything went silent and everything went black. I couldn’t see anything.”

Lich survived that day. And now I’m living a quiet retired life in Pasco County.

“I’ve been on treatment for years and years, and I keep doing it. I go once a week. It doesn’t go away. It’s not something you’re used to. You Just learn to deal with it. “

Lich is currently helping other retired New York City firefighters living in the area.

Louis Kikis worked in Bronx and spent days in the rubble.

“It was just a search and recovery. I found a lot of bodies. That was all we found. And a few days later, it was just a recovery,” Kikis said.

On that day, they both lost their friends.

“My old fire department in Manhattan, they lost nine men,” Kikis said.

They see others dying of illness associated with being around a fallen building.

“There are problems, but everything is stable. There are nodules in the thyroid gland and nodules in the lungs, but so far everything is stable,” said Miccio.

Twenty years have passed so fast now.

Lich does not return to Manhattan. He says he lives in Florida to stay away from Bullseye.

“No one understands it. It’s here with me. When I go there, I’m on the edge. I doubt everyone. I’m very wary of things No one trusts me. “

“Wink. I can’t believe it. 20 years. And it’s just like yesterday. And, as my friend once said, it will always be 9/11 for me,” Kikis said.

NYC firefighters find peace in Florida after 9/11 Source link NYC firefighters find peace in Florida after 9/11

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