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NYC OKs safe sites for drug use, aiming to curb overdoses | Us World News – Las Vegas, Nevada

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New York (AP) — The first officially licensed safe haven for the use of heroin and other narcotics was allowed to open in New York City in the hope of curbing overdose, the mayor said. Said the health commissioner on Tuesday.

The “Overdose Prevention Center,” commonly known as the “supervised injection site,” has been discussed for years in New York and several other US cities and already exists in Canada, Australia, and Europe. doing.

NS Some informal facilities We have been active in the city for some time, allowing drug users to participate in monitored areas.

Proponents say the facility saves lives by recognizing the reality of substance use and providing a place for users to monitor the signs of overdose that killed record numbers in the city and across the country last year.

“We are proud to show that cities in this country can be approached wisely after decades of failure,” Mayor Bill de Blasio said in a statement.

However, opponents see the site as a moral failure to sanction those who essentially hurt themselves, and federal law prohibits the operation of places for drug use.

US Supreme Court Declined last month Participate in the Philadelphia Group’s battle to open a secure injection facility dismissed by the split Federal Court of Appeals.

Dr. Dave Chokshi, a New York City Health Commission, said the New York site was opened on Tuesday with an existing needle-and-needle exchange program.

Such sites usually have monitors that can monitor for signs of overdose and administer antidotes as needed. Chokshi also suggested that the facility provide referrals to drug treatments and other services, “bringing people from the streets and improving the lives of all involved.”

Last year, overdose killed more than 2,060 people in the most populous city in the United States. This is the highest since the report began in 2000.National Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Estimated to be over 93,300 Deaths from overdose in 2020 increased by nearly 30% from the previous year’s numbers.

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