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New York >> In New York City, police officers, firefighters and other local government workers need to be vaccinated with COVID-19 or take unpaid leave, Mayor Bildebrasio said today, last to the refusal of civil servants. Give notice and fight with some of the unions that represent them.

De Blasio has set the first vaccination deadline on November 1st for its mission to affect more than 100,000 other Big Apple workers, including the largest police station in the United States and garbage carriers and building inspectors. Announced that there is.

Rikers Island prison officers who have been tackling the staff shortages that the city is creating a dangerous situation will be on duty on December 1.

According to the city, 71% of workers affected by the new mission have already been vaccinated at least once.

The city previously required public school teachers to vaccinate, and the state previously required hospital workers to vaccinate.

According to the mayor, city workers who get their first shot by October 29 on a city-run vaccination site will receive an additional $ 500 in salary. Workers who do not show evidence of vaccination by October 29 will be on vacation.

“There is no greater privilege than serving the people of New York City, and that privilege entails the responsibility of keeping yourself and your community safe,” De Blasio said in a statement.

For several weeks, De Blasio was considering vaccination obligations to police, fire departments, and other city agencies.

His announcement came in a new uproar against NYPD police officers who opposed even simple measures such as wearing face masks. On Monday, two police officers were seen in a video of pushing a man out of a Manhattan subway station and confronting them, ignoring the rules that require them to wear masks.

The NYPD vaccination rate lags behind other parts of the city, with some police refusing to fire. A union representing officers who claim that vaccination is a personal medical decision has proposed taking legal action to combat the mission.

Approximately 69% of the NYPD workforce is vaccinated, compared to 77.4% of fully vaccinated adult New Yorkers. The NYPD has approximately 34,500 uniformed personnel and approximately 17,700 ununiformed support positions.

More than 60 NYPD employees have died from COVID-19, including five patrol officers, eight detectives, and a former director of transport. The fire department, where EMT and paramedics worked 24 hours a day in the early days of the pandemic, lost 16 workers to the virus.

Police Secretary Dermot Shea and Fire Secretary Daniel Nigro said they supported the mandatory vaccine, and Shea told reporters earlier this month, “Given the emergency we are facing, it makes sense. I’m doing it. ” “I think it’s time,” Negro said at a memorial service for the fire department.

New York City’s mission comes from other cities starting to punish first responders who do not meet vaccine requirements and even start firing.

In Seattle, six police officers and 11 firefighters will be dismissed after the city’s vaccination obligations come into effect on Monday. Another 93 Seattle police officers and 66 firefighters resigned on Tuesday while seeking religious or medical exemptions.

The Massachusetts police union said at least 150 state police officers had resigned from their state duties. In Washington, as of Tuesday, 127 state police officers were dismissed for opposition to vaccination obligations, and another 32 resigned or retired instead of being vaccinated.

In Chicago, where city workers need to record vaccine status, Mayor Lori Lightfoot encouraged police officers to go against that requirement, even after the death of the city’s former president of the police union last week. He accused him of trying to “induce a riot.” Of COVID-19. The dispute is currently in court.

Under an executive order signed by De Blasio last month, NYPD officers had to be vaccinated or show evidence of a negative COVID-19 test each week.

The state requires health care workers to vaccinate, and New York City people must show vaccination evidence to eat indoors at restaurants, attend sporting events, or play there. Hmm.

Brooklyn Nets security guard Kyrie Irving, one of the city’s largest basketball stars, was banned from playing and practicing because she refused to be vaccinated. The team quotes New York City rules that professional athletes playing for New York City teams must be vaccinated with COVID-19 to play or practice in public in banning the Seven All-Stars. Did.

De Blasio’s position on vaccine obligations has evolved.

He initially allowed public school teachers to vaccinate or submit negative COVID-19 tests on a regular basis, but this summer all teachers were vaccinated without test options. We strengthened the rules by requiring them to do so.

Thousands of teachers and other school officials were vaccinated in the days before the deadline, city officials said.

Earlier this month, the Supreme Court dismissed teachers’ objections to vaccination obligations and presented potential legal pathways to extend the requirements to other city agencies.

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