NYC restaurant hostess attacked vaccine status request – Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky

Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky 2021-09-17 11:34:03 –

New York (AP) — Police say a popular New York City restaurant hostess was attacked by three women in Texas after seeking evidence of being vaccinated with COVID-19.

In a news release, police repeatedly beat hostesses on Carmine’s Upper West Side and necklaces on Thursday afternoon after seeking evidence of the vaccinations three women needed to eat at a restaurant in New York City. I say I broke it.

The attack left a 24-year-old victim bruised.

She turned down the treatment.

Three women were arrested for mischief and criminal mischief.

They were given a desk ticket and ordered to appear in court on October 5.

according to Associated Press, New York has launched a new COVID protocol this week.

Nonetheless, the AP reported that a rule requiring patrons to prove that they were vaccinated to eat indoors at restaurants came into effect on August 17.

According to AP, Carmine’s has a sign indicating that customers need to prove that they have been vaccinated with COVID-19 in order to eat indoors at a restaurant.

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