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Nye County votes 5-0 to nix masks and reopen at 100% capacity on May 1 – Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada 2021-04-07 15:48:09 –

Nye County, Nevada (KLAS) —Nye County Commissioner voted 5-0 on Tuesday night, resuming 100% capacity and abolishing masks if residents choose to do so. .. The state will hand over the mitigation measures it manages on May 1.

The obligation to cover and mask the face is under state control.

On Tuesday night, the county commissioner voted in favor of:

  • Nye County fully reopened to 100% occupancy
  • Based on CDC guidelines, We recommend wearing a mask in Nye County, but do not require it
  • Instruct county managers to fully reopen all county and town offices under Nye County’s control and leave it to the discretion of the Board of Directors, which is not under control or respects.

The decision to abolish the mask was made because the commissioner stated that it would not infringe on a person’s constitutional rights if wearing the mask was contrary to their religion or was exempted according to the governor’s instructions. ..

Commissioners said county infection rates ranged between 5% and 7%. County leaders said new incidents were still occurring, but the situation was flat.

According to Nye County officials, the county has also vaccinated more than 16,000 people.

The Board of Directors will review and approve the reopening plan on April 20.

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