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Honolulu, Hawaii 2020-11-22 18:30:01 –

New York, November 22 (Xinhua)-There may be more COVID-19 cases between now and January as holidays come one after another and people tend to travel a lot to meet and celebrate. No, that’s just one of the main reasons New York Governor Andrew Cuomo helped expand the pandemic and warned on Sunday.

“I think there will be more social interaction and, as a result, more cases between now and January, the only question is how fast and how fast,” Kuomo said in a press conference. It was held in the state capital Albany.

“You can change your behavior and your community’s behavior. There are several communities on the state-wide warning track, this week in the yellow zone or in red or orange. It’s going to be a zone. The vaccine is coming in December. In January, we can’t relax our vigilance. “

The vaccine is initially distributed to people in need, but it takes at least 6 months to become widely available, so people emphasized that they cannot afford to continue to increase cases for 6 months. ..

“Post-holiday growth is purely a function of our behavior, and New Yorkers have already proved their toughness, but as Thanksgiving and the holiday season approach, we need to continue the course.” He added.

Meanwhile, he said the COVID-19 test positive rate was 4.39 percent on Saturday in key areas where the outbreak is targeted by the state due to its severity and potential spread under the New York State microcluster strategy. Announced that it was. 4.34% a day ago.

Excluding these priority areas, the state-wide positive rate was 2.29%, down from 2.49% on Friday. Of the 196,608 tests reported on Saturday, 5,391 were positive, 2.74 percent of the total, down from 2.87 percent the day before, he added.

The governor also said that New York is currently ranked as the fourth lowest COVID-19 test positive rate, with an average of 2.90 percent over seven days, following Vermont, Hawaii and Maine.

As of Sunday night, the Johns Hopkins University Center for Systems Science and Engineering reported 34,319 coronavirus deaths so far in New York State. This is the worst in the country.

As of Sunday night, more than 12.2 million cases were recorded nationwide, with more than 256,000 related deaths, according to real-time counts recorded by Johns Hopkins University. It took only six days for the country to add more than one million infections to the record 11 million on November 15.

NYS governor warns of COVID-19 cases surge in holiday season Source link NYS governor warns of COVID-19 cases surge in holiday season

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