Obama jokes that Navy Seal can remove Trump from the White House

Former president Barack Obama I gave President Donald Trump a carefree jab on Thursday. Refused to admit Joe Biden’s next presidential election. Midnight presenter Jimmy Kimmel asked Obama what would happen if an unnamed person (probably Mr. Trump) tried to hide in the White House.

“You are familiar with the White House. You have lived there for eight years. Is there a place someone can hide? For example, what if they were removed?” Kimmel said on Thursday. I asked the former president at the show. “Are there any small holes or things you need to know?”

“Well, I think we can always send a Navy sticker there to dig him out,” Obama replied with a laugh.

Mr. Trump refused to allow the election State recount I confirmed the result.He keeps spreading Unfounded claim Fraudulent voting and proceedings in several fierce battle states.

Trump campaign so far Lost Most of the proceedings.

Biden: Trump’s delay is “totally irresponsible …


There is no precedent for deporting the president at the inauguration, Mr. Biden said “I’m absolutely sure they’ll send him a lot to escort him from the White House,” he said.

In addition to refusing to make concessions, the Trump administration also refused to allow Biden’s team to access important transitional material.Multiple sources on CBS News on Thursday “Limited” back channel communication Between the transition team and Trump administration officials.

“We’ll lose time during these crises, so I hope the transition went well,” Obama told Kimmel.

The former president compared the coronavirus crisis with the financial crisis he experienced when he entered his first term in 2009.

“When I came in, we were in the midst of a big crisis: the financial crisis,” Obama said. “George W. Bush-he and I had a clear big policy difference-but he’s a good guy. He’s a patriot, and he works seamlessly with us on the transition to everyone on his team. I ordered. “

He said Bush “couldn’t have been more graceful and couldn’t have helped anymore, and it really favors trying to stop what might have been the Great Depression rather than the Great Depression. I was able to get off to a good start, “he added.

Obama jokes that Navy Seal can remove Trump from the White House

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