Obtuse angle: A very important angle in the world of geometry and mathematics

All the angles which are formed by two kinds of rays will always have a common vertex and these two rays will help in representing the sides of the angle. The word angle has been derived from the Latin language which will make the meaning of corner and these kinds of angles will always be found by the intersection of two curves into a plane. There are different types of angles available in the world of mathematics and some of the most common ones include obtuse angle, acute angle, right angle, reflex angle, full angle and various other options.

In mathematics, the obtuse angle will be the one which will be greater than 90° but will be less than 180° or in simple terms, it can be considered as the angle between the right angle or the straight angle.

This particular concept is very easily possible in the cases of the triangle, Parallelogram and rhombus which are explained as follows:

  1. In the case of the triangle: The obtuse angle of the triangle will be the one that will be greater than 90° and this particular type of triangle can be of any category. The equilateral triangle can never be obtuse and the angle opposite to the obtuse angle will be the longest side of the triangle.
  2. In the case of rhombus: The rhombus is considered to be a quadrilateral that will have four sides and the opposite angles of the rhombus which are congruent to each other will be the obtuse angles and the other pair will be the acute angles. Hence, the sum of two consecutive internal angles will be supplementary and it will make sure that if the acute angle end of use angle is added the sun will come out to be 180°.
  3. In the case of parallelogram: The opposite sides of the parallelogram are parallel to each other and it will also make sure that two angles will be acute and two angles will be obtuse in the case of the parallelogram.

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