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(NEXSTAR) – Missing 22-year-old Gabriel “Gabby” Petit, That body Probably recovered According to a newly unsealed police warrant, he sent his mother a final text message with a red flag in Wyoming National Park over the weekend.

According to a police warrant in North Port, Florida, Petit’s mother received a “strange” text on August 27, “Can you help Stan? I will continue to receive his voicemail and missed calls.” I did. “Stan” refers to Petit’s grandfather, but her mother, Nicole Schmid, told police that Gabby had never referred to him in his name.

According to the warrant, after receiving the message, “the mother was worried that her daughter might have something wrong.”

That message was the last message Petito sent. Petite, who was traveling cross-country with her boyfriend Brian Laundry, recorded the trip on YouTube’s vlog. “VAN LIFE” We also suddenly stopped posting to social media.

Investigators said Petit sent multiple text messages and had many discussions with her mother during her trip, which began in July. As the weeks went by, the conversation seemed to indicate that “the tension between her and the laundromat was increasing.”

Search warrant signed To give Northport Police Department investigators access to the contents of an external hard drive in Petit’s white van.

On Monday, police and FBI agents gathered at Northport’s home, where investigator Brian Laundry, 23, was located. Currently looking for, Live with his parents. Laundry returned to his parents’ house alone with the white van used by the couple.

The FBI refused to say what it learned on Monday, citing an ongoing investigation, but could see it removing the Ford Mustang from its address.

The FBI announced over the weekend that a suspected petite body was found near the eastern border of Grand Teton National Park, but no full forensic identification has been announced until the autopsy scheduled for Tuesday.

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