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Cleveland, Ohio 2021-09-28 16:43:10 –

Ohio GEAUGACOUNTY (WJW) – Intersection of US Route 322 and Sperry Road Chesterland One of the most dangerous in Geauga County, ODOT We hope that the new warning system will help reduce the surprising number of road accidents that have been reported over the years.

The problem begins with a two-way stop sign on Sperry Road. High-speed collisions often occur if the car does not stop or if you mistakenly determine how fast the 322 traffic is approaching.

“Many of them are injured because the accidents we usually get there are so serious, Chester Township Police Chief Mark Purchase told FOX 8.

According to ODOT, a total of 26 accidents have been reported at intersections since 2018.

In response, the state has decided to install what is called an “intersection collision warning system” at 322 and Sperry. This warns the driver about the approaching traffic.

In addition, Sperry’s stop sign has a flashing red light for 24 hours.

“When a car on Sperry Road approaches a stop sign, a yellow light system is triggered to warn of traffic in that direction,” said Isaac Hunt, an ODOT spokesman.

When ODOT first installed the system in July, they found it causing confusion, so engineers had to make some tweaks.

“Often they thought it was one of those overhead yellow light systems, and they really needed to stop, but only slowed down,” said Isaac Hunt. increase. “Currently, these yellow beas are on the stop sign and only flash when there is traffic at 322.”

Some Chesterland residents and Chester Township police recommend installing traffic lights at intersections.

However, after investigating the problem, ODOT says the engineers concluded that the traffic lights were not guaranteed and the new warning system was the best solution.

“Everything the state does to help us reduce accidents is beneficial and I think we’re heading in the right direction,” said Chief Purchase. “So if you reduce the number of accidents, this will be effective.”

ODOT’s new alert system at dangerous intersection Source link ODOT’s new alert system at dangerous intersection

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