“Off Chart”: New York tennis fans fascinated by Raducanu’s fairy tales | US Open 2021

NSOre more than 3 hours old Emma Raducanu uncorks a 108mph ace With match points to conclude Canadian teenager Leylah Annie Fernandez and win the most unlikely US Open Championship on record. It’s been a long time since the sun went down at the western end of the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center, and almost all of the 23,703 spectators who packed Arthur Ashe Stadium into every corner were scattered.

Still, late Saturday night, dozens of fans remained outside the gated media garden under the tournament’s main stadium court, the first to reach the major finals at the age of 18, from sports star Kent. I was hoping to reach the qualifying round. Many of them, not to mention winning one, are still thriving with excitement after witnessing. Outcomes against comparison.. Things that didn’t even look real in the dizzying aftermath.

“”[We’re] Britain did a bad run without winning many sporting events, so I made up for it, “said Sofinain, her husband and her two children, in the finals on Saturday in the bowl above Ash. Helen Bennett saw said. , And Lewis, 7. “We all built up hope and won.”

Bennett, who has lived in nearby Jersey City for the past three years, said Raducanu will give his daughter a respected hero and a welcome rest from the disappointment of more familiar sports.

“It’s very good to actually see a British athlete win something,” she said. “I was very overjoyed and very happy. I am surprised that there is still a voice left.”

Fans raise the flag in the finals. Photo: Frank Franklin II / AP

Michael Appleton Webster, who moved from London to Connecticut in 1999, added to the excitement. He said Raducanu still calls the unprecedented three-week journey from qualifying to the US Open champion “surreal” hours after raising the trophy. “Grand achievement”.

“I can’t believe what I’ve seen in the last two weeks,” he said. “I wish I had two winners tonight. I can’t believe it. I was standing with some British people. [in the upper deck] And we finally said: “Can you believe it?”

“I was fortunate enough to participate in a lot of big things. I went to the World Cup and FA Cup finals. When Ricky went to Tottenham’s ’81 Cup final. [Villa] Score at the end of us. It was off the chart. But this was historic. At least everything I’ve ever experienced. I went to the World Cup Final in Germany in 2006 and it was a great game, but it’s more special because it’s by a British player. That is our girl. “

The overwhelming positive reaction to Raducanu’s surprise title was not limited to foreign spectators. Many American fans were drawn to precocious British teenagers at the US Open, which reached the quarterfinals for the first time in the 140-year history of the tournament.

Grace Ma and Francis Leon, a Chinese-American couple living downtown Lower Manhattan for a match on Saturday, became obsessed with Raducanu during the tournament, bringing the Union Jack flag to the stadium and matching. Celebration immediately after the point.

“I ordered it Thursday night after the semifinals and it arrived today,” Ma said. “And today I couldn’t leave the house until it arrived.”

Ma and Leon attended this year’s open for three days before the final and were immediately taken over by Raducanu on the court and off. “She hasn’t lost the entire US Open set, including qualifying!” Ma said. “She is very consistent and has a lot of power, she is very calm and mature for her age. She has played so many games professionally in her career. Never even done, it’s crazy. And we were here for the semifinals, and she was very kind with young fans afterwards. “

Emma Raducanu on the court after scoring match points.
Emma Raducanu on the court after scoring match points. Photo: Elsa / Getty Images

Marr was similarly impressed by Fernandez, Ingénue, Canada. Fernandez defeated Naomi Osaka, Angelique Kerber, Elina Svitolina and Arina Savitolina to win a murder line involving two Grand Slam winners and three players. In the top 5 in the world. Ma said that the fact that both Raducanu and Fernandez were children of immigrants only added to their appeal.

“No matter who won tonight, it was a women’s tennis win,” she said. “I think it’s great that they are so diverse and only the background of both players. I’m Asian and Chinese so I can see someone in my ethnic group playing. I think it’s inspiring a lot of people there. I think the future of tennis is really bright and gives people great hope. “

That sense of inspiration was shared by Brooklyn-based graphic designer Beverly Joel. She first noticed Raducanu during a surprise run to Wimbledon’s second week and probably wanted to see her at the US Open, which she attends every year.

“I wasn’t following the qualifying because I was crazy about my job. I didn’t really notice until the tournament started,” Joel said. “It was the first time I met her in person today. Apparently, Fernandez was the one who got more media love here. And she was under pressure for the most part. It looked better, but when I was looking at Raducanu, there was no pressure to even worry. “

“It’s great to see two young players who aren’t afraid yet. It’s going to be harder next year, but this tournament is nothing more than hunger and potential.”

A few minutes after 10 pm on Saturday night, the activity that remained on the premises when Raducanu (far from the end of media responsibility) temporarily stopped by to thank them for their support while performing the show. A cluster of fans is rewarded for their patience and turns off her new trophy.

For 9-year-old Sophie, the chance to see her new hero a few feet away was worth the wait. “I love Emma,” she said. “I think she is brave, wonderful and strong.”

“Off Chart”: New York tennis fans fascinated by Raducanu’s fairy tales | US Open 2021

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