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Offense arrives just in time for Golden Knights to complete sweep of Ducks – Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada 2021-01-17 02:27:00 –

Isaac Brecken / AP

Vegas Golden Knights defense, Cia Theodore (27), right-wing Markstone, left-wing Max Pasiletti (67) will play Pasiletti against Anaheim Ducks at the NHL Hockey Game in Las Vegas on Saturday, January 16, 2021. Celebrate the overtime goal.

The “less than 7 seconds” attack was introduced by the NBA Phoenix Suns in the mid-200s. Phoenix Suns ran up the court trying to score in less than 7 seconds with Amarestau Demia and Steve Nash.

Golden Knights was happy to implement the strategy in hockey on Saturday.

Max Pasioletti scored seven seconds in overtime against Anaheim Ducks, what seemed like a disappointing defeat, a thrilling 2-1 victory and an early season sweep at the T-Mobile Arena. I changed it to.

“I had a big belief on the bench and thought I was playing a strong game,” said Pasio Letti. “The plan in that scenario was to attack quickly. That wasn’t the way we created it, but I don’t hand out our” annexation of Puerto Rico “there. “

When the Golden Knights lifted goalkeeper Marc-Andre Fleury for an additional attacker, he scored a goal in just five shots in the third period and played in about two minutes.

William Carlson confirmed that even one-on-one matches scored 1:22, which remained in regulation, scoring at least one point in the ranking of matches that Vegas clearly controlled early on. Despite not scoring, Vegas had 15 first-period shots in the goal.

The final attempt to reach the goal was the winner of the game.

The duck failed the showdown to start an additional period, Mark Stone removed it and barreled into the attack zone with Pasio Letti on the right. A simple feed, one-time, seven seconds later, the Golden Knights won.

“Three-on-three are very important in trying to control and create packs, and hopefully they make mistakes,” Stone said. “Fortunately for us, they made a mistake one second after overtime.”

Golden Knights coach Pete Debor said he hadn’t practiced 3 to 3 at all to get into the game because the training camp was shortened and there was no preseason. Given that both Pasio Retti and Stone are wings and usually don’t face off, it was also impressive that they won the showdown.

Vegas was fortunate to be able to work overtime thanks to Carlson’s goal. And I was fortunate to be in a position where I only needed that goal to conclude the game. It’s thanks to Fleury, who was in the game from the beginning and only got better when the ducks started pouring opportunities. He made few mistakes in finishing with 21 saves, his first goal, Anaheim’s 3: 1 after the accident at the other end.

Since the second season, he has been the best player in Vegas and his exclusion from the game’s three-star arena announcement has been confusing.

“When (Fleury) saves and saves us on the backend, we want to work for him in advance and do business there, just as he does business there.” Said defensive Zac White Cloud.

For the Golden Knights, it was a big win in that they were able to survive the night when there was no attack for 58 minutes and still win. Not all matches are as clean as Thursday in the opening round, scoring twice in the first four minutes and three times in the third.

The strangeness of this year’s schedule has contributed at least a small factor to tonight’s performance. Las Vegas players and coaches emphasize that it will be difficult to wipe out the league-scheduled mini-two game series teams at all training camps. If the team loses the first game, the next game can get hot.

That’s almost the way this turned out. The duck tied the Golden Knights in the West Division’s premature position 82 seconds after regulation. Instead, the Golden Knights won overtime and extended their lead to 3 points. They have consistently improved to 11-2 against Anaheim.

“I thought there was a really good calm about sticking to it,” DeBoer said. “If we had overtime tonight, it would have caused us to work overtime.

“With this type of format, it would be really difficult for someone to beat a team twice in a row, so we’ll take them no matter how we look at them.”

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