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‘Officer of the Year’ in LA suburb didn’t work in 2020 | News – Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada 2021-07-20 18:24:00 –

El Monte, CA (AP) — A police detective on the outskirts of Los Angeles was appointed to the 2020 officers by his union, even though he wasn’t working that year because he was on leave. Southern California Newsgroup report.

Officer Carlos Molina was honored at a June meeting of the Elmonte City Council, despite a sergeant’s e-mail warning that it might embarrass the city and the Elmonte Police Officers Association, the newsgroup said on Monday. I reported.

Tom Madrga, a contract attorney for a city of 120,000 residents east of downtown Los Angeles, said Molina spent 19 months on paid leave from September 2019 to April 2021.

Ten members, including a majority of the union’s seven boards, voted Molina for this year’s board of directors.

Board members, union lawyers, and Molina did not respond to requests for comment, according to newsgroups. Police chief David Reynoso declined to comment.

Sgt on the eve of the city council meeting in honor of Molina. Jimmie Pitts has sent an email to all members.

“I think (Morina) received the vote as a joke or as a way to send a dissatisfied message,” Pitts wrote. If the award ceremony progresses, the residents of the city will also. “

“If the public or the media learns that the city council has publicly recognized police officers who did not work for a day in 2020 but were paid in full throughout the year, it is unnecessary for EMPOA, the city and the police. It may turn negative attention into the department, “Pitts wrote in an email.

The council ceremony went on.

Newsgroups reported that Molina had returned to work but was reassigned to patrol work and the administrative investigation was awaiting arbitration.

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