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Official: Staffer hurt, 2 youths arrested in center ‘riot’ | News – Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada 2021-08-20 22:51:00 –

Pahrump, Nevada (AP) —Sheriffs in Nevada seriously injured one employee and two boys about 45 miles away the next morning in a struggle involving young people in a residential psychiatric care facility. Reported that.

Lieutenant Adam Tipets, Sheriff of Nye County, rioted and massively escaped late August 15 at a state-licensed Never Give Up Youth Healing Center in the Amagosa Valley, with 84 young people fighting staff. I called it an attempt.

According to Tipets, an agent and a Nevada highway patrol member were called to the facility and one staff member was taken to a Las Vegas hospital by a medical helicopter for treatment.

No other serious injuries have been reported.

According to Tipets, the two boys’ fugitives were detained at a gas station in Pahrump.

The Amagosa Valley is approximately 45 miles (72 km) northwest of Pahrump and 88 miles (142 km) northwest of Las Vegas.

The state reports that Never Give Up can accommodate 91 young people and employs up to 41 full-time and contract staff.

A January 2020 review by a state legislative auditor found flaws in institutional policies and procedures, including inconsistencies in treatment plans, dosing inventory, and documentation.

The audit also cites inadequate or incomplete policies related to key security and security, “ensuring that the facility is secure to prevent escape or unwelcome intruders.”

The administrator replied that he had made changes to address the issue raised by the inspector.

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