Officials close port of entry bridge as more asylum-seeking migrants arrive in Del Rio – Riverside, California

Riverside, California 2021-09-18 13:15:10 –

Bruno Rosano, mayor of Del Rio, said the crowd was about 6,000 immigrants on Wednesday. Well, that number will be in the thousands.

Del Rio, Texas — Bruno Lozano, Mayor of Del Rio, on Friday with city and public security officers The tollhouse of the port bridge will be closed, Effectively block access to and from Mexico as more asylum-seeking migrants arrive in Del Rio.

Earlier this week, the KENS 5 Border Team got a video of immigrants under the International Bridge. There, authorities kept them waiting until they were processed for entry.

At that time, the crowd consisted of about 6,000 immigrants. As of Friday, Mayor Rosano says the number has increased to 12,700 migrants, including another camp set up by the Weir Dam. Currently, the number of Saturdays is up to 14,000 and can reach 20,000 in the next few days.

Authorities told KENS5 that the staging site under the bridge was temporary.

On Saturday, the Biden administration worked on a plan to send thousands of Haitian migrants from a border city in Texas back to their homeland in the Caribbean, swiftly rushing to a large influx of people suddenly crossing the border from Mexico. It corresponded. And around the bridge.

Details have not yet been finalized, but officials who are directly aware of the plan said they were not allowed to discuss the issue publicly and spoke to the Associated Press under the following terms: Anonymous. San Antonio, the closest major city to the immigrants of Del Rio, It may be in the departure city.

Officials said Friday that flight capacity and Haiti’s willingness would determine the number of flights, but “good progress” was seen.

On Thursday, Governor Abbott said in a statement that he had ordered “closed” six entry points on the Texas-Mexico border.

“I instructed the Public Security Bureau and the Texas National Guard to explode personnel and vehicles and close six entrances along the southern border to thwart them. [migrant] Because the caravan overtakes our state, “Abbott said in an email.

However, a CBP spokesperson said the federal government, which operates entry points on the US-Mexico border, has no plans to close entry points.

Later Thursday, Governor Abbott said in another statement that the federal government was heading in the wrong direction when it came to border security.

“Six hours after the U.S. Customs and Border Protection closed entry and asked Texas for help to secure the border, the Biden administration abandoned border security and made it easier for people to cross illegally instead. The Biden administration is completely confused and is dealing with the border crisis as badly as evacuation from Afghanistan. I have a port with the Texas Public Safety Agency and the Texas Guard. Instructed to maintain presence in the area. Immigration to block crossings. “

Officials close port of entry bridge as more asylum-seeking migrants arrive in Del Rio Source link Officials close port of entry bridge as more asylum-seeking migrants arrive in Del Rio

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