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Aurora, Colorado — In less than a week, Aurora police officer John Howbert Pistol whisked and suffocated the suspect in a body camera video. Now, some people wonder how executives were hired in the first place.

On Monday, Aurora Police announced: Arrest warrant It was published for two of us. John Haubert Arrested on July 23 Of Kyle Binson. Officer Francine Martinez is accused of not intervening during the trial and is facing a misdemeanor charge.

In 2009, Howbert pleaded guilty to banning the use of guns while drinking. In less than 10 years he joined the department.

At a press conference on Tuesday, Secretary Vanessa Wilson said the ministry was not part of the recruitment process, but part of Aurora’s civil service committee.

The Commission provided Denver 7 with the following statement:

“Current members of the Civil Service Commission were not involved in approving the employment of Dan Howbert officers in 2018, but note that all Colorado officers must be POST certified. Please. POST stands for Peace Officers Standards and Training. Colorado POST has reviewed the criminal history of all officers applying for POST certification, and this officer has passed the review. The Civil Service Commission by the Aurora City Charter , The Commission considers it inappropriate to comment at this time, as it is part of the disciplinary process for Officer Howbert. “

On Tuesday night, a spokesperson for the Commission provided additional details:

“The Civil Service Commission handles the recruitment process for entry-level applicants, not the police station. The current background process and decisions regarding recruitment of civil servants give the best possible results for the community. We will evaluate how to guarantee that. “

A Colorado POST spokesperson told Denver 7 that the misdemeanor that Howbert convicted in 2009 was not. one This will prevent officers from receiving POST certification.

POST details:

“Anyone who has been found to be POSTed and convicted of a felony or a particular misdemeanor will be revoked. The POST Commission will include the postponed judgment regardless of the end result of the postponement. Revocation of certification We will begin the revocation procedure after being convicted of a crime. Dishonestness under CRS 24-31-305 (2.5) may result in the revocation of an officer’s certification after due process. , Or a crime related to a failure to intervene in the use of illegal force. POST is not automatic due to due process that must be followed before revoking certification. However, conviction of a felony leads to revocation of certification. increase.”

“No matter what he is, you know. [Haubert’s] I think other credentials and a decent background check brought it to me. “

On Tuesday, the company representing Elijah McClain’s mother announced that she would represent Vinson.

The company said in a statement:

“The tragic body camera footage of police officers Francine Martinez and John Howbert’s violent and unprovoked assault reveals an ongoing problem of police violence, especially against the color community, Binson said. Recognizing that no one can escape police violence, he is grateful that he survived the attack. ”

Officials explain hiring process of Aurora officer accused of pistol-whipping, choking suspect Source link Officials explain hiring process of Aurora officer accused of pistol-whipping, choking suspect

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