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Offset had ‘so lost’ Cardi B ‘so badly’ after she filed for divorce and didn’t see him for ‘a few weeks’ and thinks they are’ the perfect one for the other ”.

Offset, 28, counts his lucky stars after his wife Cardi B, 28, decided to give their marriage another try after filing for divorce on September 15 and publicly announcing that they were finished as a romantic couple. “Offsetis more than relieved and happy, ”said a source EXCLUSIVELY HollywoodLife. “He loves Cardi so much and he missed her so much. Even a few weeks of not seeing her was so difficult for him. It was a real wake-up call for him and it showed him how important this relationship is to him.

After their breakup, Cardi and her daughter’s dad hit the headlines Kulture, 2, were spotted showing off PDA at her 28th birthday party in Las Vegas on October 10. Soon after, the “WAP” rapper confirmed that she had filed for divorce to teach Offset “a lesson” and admitted that they were back together. She also took the time to explain why she decided to reconcile after receiving a lot of negative comments from social media users. “We’re just typical people, young mothers who got married early and that’s what we are,” she said in a live video on Instagram. “We are no different from all of you dysfunctional relationships.”

Offset and Cardi B tied the knot in 2017 (SplashNews)

While filing for divorce and confession of trying to teach Migos The “one lesson” member has the potential to cause disagreement and / or anger, it appears to be doing the opposite and actually helped to improve their bond. “No, he’s not angry that she filed for a divorce, he doesn’t blame her at all,” the source explained of Offset’s feelings about Cardi’s actions. “He knows the kind of woman she is and he loves that she is so passionate. He’s just happy he was able to convince her to take him back. He adores Cardi and all the crazy things she does.

Before their latest shocking news, Cardi and Offset were secretly married in 2017. They are known to have a run-of-the-mill relationship which they openly discussed on social media, but the latest divorce petition seemed like the last straw. In fact, Cardi herself has stated that there is “no prospect of reconciliation” in the divorce papers, but alas, her feelings have changed again.

Cardi B, shift
Cardi B and Offset make their way home at the 2020 Grammy Awards (AP)

Offset knows how Cardi works and the passion they have for each other really pushes them to go a little too far to make a point, ”a second source told us EXCLUSIVELY how Offset is dealing with what happened with the potential divorce. “So when Cardi filed for the divorce he knew she was serious. But he knows how seriously she falls in love. So he never thought they were done. They are perfect for each other and even if they do fight, they will always get back together because no one else understands them but themselves.

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