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Cleveland, Ohio 2021-10-14 17:47:03 –

Columbus, Ohio (WCMH)-Thursday, several firearm-related bills Ohio Statehouse. One of the bills will allow Ohio people to carry hidden weapons without a license.

House Bill 227 eliminates the need for Ohio people to obtain a license before carrying a hidden gun. Proponents of the bill say they will eliminate the bureaucracy of gun owners who comply with the law.

“People have to jump over hoops, they have to get fingerprints, background checks, costs, and an entire nine yards,” said Rob Sexton, director of legislative affairs at the Backeye Firearms Association. I did.

Mr Sexton said the bill was the group’s top priority. He said that as crime is on the rise, people need to be able to easily protect themselves.

“If we don’t have the ability to arm ourselves and protect our loved ones, then only the criminals are really there, and they don’t care if they have permission,” Sexton said. ..

However, the Ohio Police Friendship Society said it was the increase in violence that worried the bill. They believe that if HB 227 is signed by law, the problem can be exacerbated.

“We will lose the permit for training, screening and background checks, so we must assume that violence will increase,” said Michael Weinmann, director of government affairs at the Ohio FOP.

A group of Moms Demand Action volunteers attended a hearing on Thursday. They say this bill and other bills that like it are in the wrong direction for Ohio.

“This isn’t a bill aimed at protecting and keeping Ohio people safe. It only increases gun violence, and we’re already seeing epidemic levels,” said a volunteer at Moms Demand Action. Laura Robertson-Boyd says.

The fourth hearing of HB 227 ended without a vote. No additional hearings are currently planned.

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