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  • Sam Allard / Scene
  • In 2016, city council members Kevin Conwell, Kevin Kelly, and Tony Blancatelli robbed outside the city hall in front of an anti-Kelly truck.

The Ohio Election Commission said at a meeting Thursday that the Cleveland City Council Chairman’s Political Action Committee, the Council Leadership Fund, was guilty of campaign finance violations for improper spending in the 12th District Parliamentary Race. I ruled.

Challenger Rebecca Maurer finally won the race and dismissed the incumbent Tony Blancatelli in the eastern Slavic village and the west, including Old Brooklyn, Brooklyn Center and parts of Tremont.she Filed an OEC complaint in September Opposed to the Council Leadership Fund, Blancatelli and Blancatelli’s campaign PAC, the fund claimed to have made monetary and in-kind donations far in excess of the maximum amount permitted by the Municipal Charter and Ohio law.

The Council Leadership Fund wrote a $ 3,000 check for the Blancatelli campaign this summer. Since 2016, this is the maximum amount PAC can donate in a city council race. However, the fund then paid to three parents, Blanca Catelli Mailer, in District 12. These were thousands of dollars worth of in-kind donations that Maurer claimed to have tilted the scale even more dramatically in favor of the incumbent. Council races are usually a low-budget issue, and billboards and mail are some of the most expensive expenses a candidate makes.

(Maurer was the only challenger to file an OEC complaint against the activities of the Council Leadership Fund, while Scene was funded by the fund. Limiting Election Donations in Multiple Cleveland Districts, Partnering with Kevin Kelly to support candidates who supported him in the mayor’s race. )

At a meeting in Columbus, the OEC dismissed both Blanca Catelli and his PAC from complaints, but discovered that the Council Leadership Fund actually violated the rules.

As a punishment, a strong fund will be fined $ 50.

$ 50.

When Scene spoke to OEC staff on the phone Thursday evening, he asked if a $ 50 fine was standard. It certainly seemed low to us. In fact, it seemed almost meaningless if the goal was supposed to be deterrence.

“It changes on a case-by-case basis,” the staff said.

Okay. This result certainly shows the worthlessness of enforcing the Election Funding Act in Ohio. To avoid confusion, incumbents violate campaign funding restrictions and other campaign finance-related laws each year. In the overwhelming majority, no one notices or cares. In rare cases, the breach is serious enough to win some local headlines. Basheer Jones probably violated There were more than 12 at the beginning of the year, but nothing happened. Large donors like Tony George donate more than they are allowed for every election cycle, and when faced with, they can pretend that additional families actually donated. Just edit the filing. wife. son. Anyone. Please choose the one you like.

In more rare cases, the challenger documents a serious breach and appeals to the appointed independent committee, the state regulator, with some accountability.


OEC is probably the most dreaded arbitration committee on the planet. Its function is to clarify how serious Ohio is taking the Election Funding Act. In other words, it’s not serious at all. $ 50 goes crazy! This is literally cheaper than a single ticket to the immersive Van Gogh exhibit during peak hours.

It’s this meekness that slaps the wrist, and Ohio officials can’t afford it. No Fall.

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Ohio Elections Commission Finds Council Leadership Fund Guilty of Campaign Finance Violation Source link Ohio Elections Commission Finds Council Leadership Fund Guilty of Campaign Finance Violation

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