Ohio families on WIC may soon see relief – Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland, Ohio 2022-05-18 22:29:12 –

Cleveland (WJW) —The Ohio Health Department has applied for federal support to support low-income households. Infant formula Insufficient.

The relief could come in the form of a USDA exemption, further increasing flexibility to families taking advantage of Ohio’s women, babies and children (WIC) benefits.

“Formula packages are very normative, up to an ounce,” said Hope Lane-Gavin of Cleveland’s Community Solutions Center.

Lane-Gavin said the program now limits mothers to specific brands, different prices, and even stores.

“Suppose you get 9 cans a month. The cans must be 12.4 ounces, which must be this brand, this color, and this size,” she said.

Ohio’s Child Defense Fund, Catherine Unger, said low-income mothers have been disproportionately hit by shortages.

“Ohio alone has more than 40,000 babies participating in the WIC program, more than 90% of which rely on certain formulas,” Unger said.

According to the State Health Department, Ohio’s WIC program is the ninth largest program in the country. However, according to the Ministry of Agriculture website, Ohio was one of the last states to apply for an additional exemption.

On Wednesday, the Ministry of Health said the Ohio program did not contract with Abbott, whose factory was closed after a national recall.

The state uses Meda Johnson as a prescription supplier for low-income mothers.

Ohio families on WIC may soon see relief Source link Ohio families on WIC may soon see relief

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