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Zanesville, Ohio (WCMH) – The Ohio family is eagerly awaiting a reunion with a loved one, one of the 143 people pardoned by President Donald Trump this week.

John Knock spent 24 years in prison after being sentenced to life imprisonment for his first nonviolent marijuana crime. Since his ruling, his family, especially his sister Beth Curtis, has worked to free him. They passed several presidential administrations, but until this week they were in short supply.

“It’s like Charlie Brown football, where Lucy pulls it out and puts the sad news back on the drawing board,” said Benji Curtis, John Knock’s nephew.

Beth Curtis has launched a website called So she advocated releasing her brother and others in a similar situation.

“She’s been to Washington, DC many times. I think she knows every street in town,” said Benji Curtis.

The job was rewarded this week when knocks and others on Beth’s website were allowed.

“It’s too overwhelming to really explain,” said Beth Curtis.

Beth is abroad on vacation this week and was able to talk to her brother. It was the phone she had been waiting for for a long time.

“It’s incredibly different. I’m talking to a free person and that’s great,” said Beth Curtis.

Over the last 24 years, Beth says that some things like John’s personality haven’t changed, but many things he needs to catch up with.

“He has maintained a good sense of humor and humanity for the last few years. He spent his life in prison as if he had spent his time outside in good faith,” said Beth Curtis. ..

“It’s hard to catch up with what he missed when he turned 74. He’s got a cell phone today. Last night we had to introduce him to my kids. I had to talk to him on a zoom with the whole family because I had to, he didn’t know them, “Benji Curtis said.

As for the website and Beth’s mission, she says it will always be a cause close to her mind, but at the age of 79 she may need to help.

“It’s always close to my heart, but someone has to do it. I’m too old to keep doing this forever, so I ask for help. They’re more than me. I need it, “said Beth Curtis.

Ohio family grateful for pardon from President Trump Source link Ohio family grateful for pardon from President Trump

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