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John Glenn held a three-day festival in Ohio over the weekend to celebrate the 100th birthday of the historic astronaut.

New Concord, Ohio — John Glenn hosted a three-day festival in Ohio over the weekend to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the birth of a historic astronaut and US Senator.

Glenn, who died in 2016, was the first American to orbit the globe and became a national hero in 1962. Prior to that, he was a fighter pilot in World War II and the Korean War, setting a record for transcontinental aerial speed. In 1998, at the age of 77, he became the oldest person in space to go to space. He spent 24 years as a Democrat in the US Senate.

From Friday to Sunday, the John Glen Centennial Celebration was a collaboration between Glenn’s birth on July 18, 1921, Cambridge and nearby New Concord. COVID-19 (new coronavirus infection.

By Saturday, the daughter of the late Senator, Lynn Glen, saw the parade floats go from the front door of her father’s boyhood home. She also felt like she was at home.

“We’ve moved a lot as a family, so they’ve always brought us back here for vacations because it’s the most consistent place in my life,” she told Zanesville Times Recorder. It was. “It’s very familiar and very personal to come back here.”

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The newspaper reports that fans approached Lynn Glen to share their memories, including New York City reporter Glen Suk, named after his father a few years after the planet’s orbit.

Edward and Jill Sook wrote to John Glenn telling him to name his son without expecting a reply. Instead, they received a letter from NASA with a photo signed by Glenn for his nickname in New Jersey and a letter to the boy’s parents saying he was honored by their gestures. It was.

These communications will continue throughout Suk’s childhood. In 1969, when Sook was five, Neil Armstrong walked the moon. John Glenn confirmed that he had signed a photo sent to Suk to commemorate the historic opportunity.

“I will receive things from him as usual without asking anything by email,” Sook said.

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The weekend festival also includes presentations by former Shuttle astronaut and fellow Ohioan Don Thomas, rocket rides, space films, and biplane-type rides where young Glen flew over Cambridge. I did. Other commemorations of Glen’s birth a century ago are planned in the area throughout the month.

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