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Cleveland (AP) — An Ohio police officer who stuffed the mouth of a man arrested for domestic violence has resigned, interim Akron police chief Mike Capres said at a news conference Thursday.

Police officer John Turnur submitted his resignation on March 30. FOP Akron Lodge 7 released a statement on Thursday defending the actions of white Turnua during the arrest of black Charles Hicks II. According to the statement, Turnua’s resignation was due to “various personal and professional reasons,” but it did not admit cheating.

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Hicks claimed on Wednesday that police officers hung his knees around his neck during his arrest, but body camera footage does not show that. An internal investigation was already underway, as police officers had previously reported that they used force during the arrest.

“It was a textbook until the snow was used,” Caprez said of the arrest. “We did everything up to that point.”

At a press conference on Thursday, police showed reporters two body camera videos showing the police’s interaction with Hicks. They show a 26-year-old standing shirtless at the front door of Akron’s house on February 7. His girlfriend called 911 from outside the residence, saying Hicks threatened her with a knife and mentioned the gun. She told the coordinator that she was worried about the safety of the children still in the house.

Hicks resisted attempts to handcuff the policeman before and after being taken to the ground on the snow-covered vestibular lawn and repeatedly told the policeman to kill him.

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Video from Turnua’s body camera shows him pushing snow into Hicks’ mouth. Hicks then told officers that he couldn’t breathe before they launched him.

“We despised the public, so we apologize,” Akron Mayor Daniel Horrigan said at a news conference.

Hicks was charged with resisting domestic violence / intimidation and arrest in the Akron City Court. He is having a court hearing on April 27th.

In an interview with his lawyer Eddie Spirn on Wednesday, Hicks told Akron Beacon Journal: It was one of the scariest moments in my life. “

Sipplen said he hopes Turnure will be held criminally liable.

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Ohio Officer Who Stuffed Snow In Man’s Mouth During Arrest Resigns – CBS Pittsburgh Source link Ohio Officer Who Stuffed Snow In Man’s Mouth During Arrest Resigns – CBS Pittsburgh

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