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Montgomery County, OhioWDTN) – Ohio’s Pouch Gargoyle has had a huge impact on local charities and is currently raising over $ 330,000.

“Frank the Christmas Gargoyle” sits on the front porch of Dennis Star. Within the past year, the statues have become:

Frank’s fame came around Christmas when Star’s neighbor (she calls him “Karen”) sent her a note complaining about Frank.

“She wanted me to put Frank in the garage and hide it because he thought he was unsightly and couldn’t keep up with the Christmas spirit and festivals,” Star said.

The star decided to decorate Frank and the entire pouch for the Christmas season. She took a picture of the display and a note that “Karen” sent to her and posted it on social media. It soon became viral and people began donating to the Dayton Food Bank under Frank’s name. He raised $ 50,000 in a few days.

“I don’t know she always appreciates everything, but she’s part of it. She’s part of why it’s so popular,” Star said.

The stars initially didn’t intend to continue decorating and raising money after Christmas, but people continued to donate.

“And let’s see how far I can go with it,” Star said.

Frank the Gargoyle has raised more than $ 330,000 for organizations such as the House of Bread, Crayons to Classrooms, and the Hospice of Dayton.

“Cincinnati Zoo, it was the most interesting zoo for me,” Star said. “I contacted the Cincinnati T-shirt company and they started offering T-shirts that were funded for the Cincinnati Zoo.”

To thank the star, the zoo gave her a baby Fiona statue modeled after the popular hippopotamus born at the zoo in 2017. She is currently sitting side by side with Frank on the star’s porch.

“They had this life-sized Fiona statue from her plane when she was born. They gave it to me, and it was great, and I could meet Fiona. Yes, it knew you were the biggest thrill for me, “said the star.

She says there are a lot of complaints about “Karen” because the star has been decorating all the holiday seasons.

“She complained a lot at Easter,” said the star. “She commented on a note that I wanted to get an ant because I had peep there.”

Despite the nasty notes from Karen, the star wrote a thank-you note to Karen. She acknowledged her part of Frank’s success.

“A few days later, I found it torn apart on the pouch,” said the star.

That would probably be the last “thank you” note she sends, but she doesn’t stop the display right away.

“I have a plan for the fall. He’s a gargoyle and Halloween is like his jam, so Halloween will be big,” Star said.

Ohio porch gargoyle raises $330K after nasty notes from ‘Karen’ next door Source link Ohio porch gargoyle raises $330K after nasty notes from ‘Karen’ next door

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