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Ohio summer camp allows middle schoolers to solve community problems – Colorado Springs, Colorado

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Akron, Ohio — Children are rarely asked for their opinions. It is even rarer to sit at a table to solve a problem.

But this summer, kids are challenged to do just that.

News 5 will take you to a camp specially designed for junior high school students and challenge you to become a changemaker that is part of the A Better Land series.

They say that in life, real education comes when you step into the real world.

This summer, hundreds of Akron junior high school students are taking a short-term intensive course on how the world revolves around them. News 5 was tagged with the children of “CampWhatIf” when they visited Akron’s community leaders, artists and reporters, entrepreneurs, and citizen leaders.

“They start asking adults some candid questions, and in many cases junior high school students find it quite rare for adults to hear them,” said Joel Daniel Harris.

“Camp What If” is a one-week summer program that challenges a 6-year-old child.NS ~ 8NS Achievements to think about ways to improve the community.

“It’s like collaborating with young kids and learning how to think about them,” says Ava Davis, a student at Camp What If.

Motorhomes are challenged to find solutions to the problems their young eyes see in the world around them.

“I want people who like to pick up trash to see it so as not to trash the earth. [sic]”Ava said.

Camper Analin Farfan wants to see violence and racism taken up, while Dacia Jackson wants to focus on shooting and killing in her city.

“What we really noticed when working with junior high school students is that they have incredible empathy. They have a lot of passion, energy and excitement. They Is crazy and creative, “said Joel Danielle Harris.

Harris is the executive director of Tom Todideas, a non-profit organization behind “Camp What If” that focuses on eliciting the critical thinking skills of junior high school students.

“We don’t have enough time to sit down and ask the kids what’s important and what we think we should do about it. For me, there’s the magic that happens here,” said the camp mentor. Said Megan Kleidon, one of the CEOs of Red Oak Health.

Children are tasked with brainstorming each other and creating real solutions to community problems. Some of these solutions have actually been implemented for years.

“I feel safer and able to speak more here. Like all my thoughts and consideration. I feel powerful so that I can do something.” Said camper Jay Cook.

“It’s really great to talk to others and get everyone’s ideas,” says camper Dacia Jackson.

“I hope the junior high school students have a passion for the community and have moved away from Camp What If and saw it from a new perspective,” Harris said.

“We’re going to do great things when these kids are driving a bus. Don’t worry. The next generation will make a real difference,” Kleidon said.

“Camp What If” is available in Akron, Canton and North Canton and is free thanks to sponsorship in these cities.

Click for more information on “Camp What If”. here.

Courtney Gousman of WEWS first reported this story.

Ohio summer camp allows middle schoolers to solve community problems Source link Ohio summer camp allows middle schoolers to solve community problems

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