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Hilliard, Ohio (WCMH) — Ohio family Loved dance refused to allow Coronavirus pandemic Or at sub-zero temperatures, avoid hitting your feet.

In mid-February, I was able to see Scheila Sanderson, 83, outside the dance studio, trying to keep pace with other dancers to the music ringing from the building.

This was not a seal or contempt. Instead, being outside was exactly the opposite. Sanderson belongs to the “high risk” category of being infected with COVID-19, and her daughter, Sherimira, wanted her mother’s safety.

“Others felt that 6 feet and a mask were enough,” Sheri said. “My mother felt it was too valuable to take that risk, so it was safer for us outside.”

After they decided to practice outside, the mother-daughter duo took on another challenge. They had to find a “floor” to put on the sidewalk.

“Don’t say” no “to an 83-year-old woman.”

They ran around Columbus looking under the floor. From hardware stores to hardware stores, they couldn’t find what they needed. Finally, Hilliard’s Home Depot had exactly what it needed. The problem is that the saw station has been shut down so that the store can be closed in 10 minutes.

“We needed them to cut it, and the saw was closed. My mother went to the employee and made a slightly sad look. He opened the saw. I cut the tree to the size I needed, “Miller said. “They would have said” no “to me, but you wouldn’t say no to an 83-year-old woman. “

The family’s determination to continue dancing comes from their past. Miller danced, daughters danced competitively, and Grammy danced at an early age.

Miller knew that isolation was difficult for his mother. After all, it was difficult for everyone. This weekly practice was a big deal for Sanderson to get socialized.

“She missed that connection and once sneaked in to whisper or talk to someone,” Miller said when Sanderson shook back with a big smile.

Staying connected was a big issue for the family, and keeping Sanderson safe was a top priority.

“Everyone shut down or did something to keep my mother’s generation safe,” Miller said. “Everything we did struggled with their sociality because they weren’t together.”

Participating in dance recital practice was the only time Sanderson was able to connect with others, albeit cold. She was looking forward to it like a child’s birthday.

“I can go out today. Today I drive to town and dance in the cold,” Sanderson said with a laugh.

Sanderson is now fully vaccinated and rejoined the group in May. Since she became an insider again, she has practiced three things.

On Friday, Sanderson and her dance team perform a two-and-a-half-minute routine called “new shoes.”

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