Ohio’s 11th Congressional district primary election – Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland, Ohio 2021-07-31 18:37:12 –

Cleveland (WJW) — Top two candidates to replace Mercia Fudge Spent the previous weekend in Congress Election day, Encourage people to vote.

Nina Turner When Shontel Brown Both have several political giants in town to help them claim to voters.

With Special primary election Only three days later, former state councilor Nina Turner and Kaiyahoga county councilor and Democratic chairman Shontel Brown met on Saturday for a vote.

Former Presidential Candidate and Independent Senator Vermont Bernie Sanders joins Nina Turner In front of 900 supporters in the Agora Theater Cleveland..

He was one of several local and national political leaders in favor of Turner, including Mayor of Cleveland Frank Jackson.

“If you want someone who not only becomes a member of parliament, but also has the courage to speak up on important issues and fight for the people who work (applause) … I’m here today, so choose Nina Turner as your candidate. I urge you, the next member of parliament, “said Senator Sanders.

“Many of us have no or inadequate medical care. Many of us have seen our work sent abroad. Many of us , Living in a community without banks and left behind in development. Gun violence or police violence, “said candidate Nina Turner.

House majority whip James Cliburn, a member of the House of Representatives, appeared at the Mount Sion Fellowship Church in Warrensville Heights and kept his promise to support Shontelle Brown.

He talks to us one-on-one and tells Fox 8 that he believes Brown supports President Biden and helps move his agenda.

“I was here on behalf of Lou Stokes. I was here several times for Stephanie Tubbs Jones, Mercia Fudge, and I am here for Shontelle.” Rep. Cliburn said.

“I have never raced to do anything other than win. The fact of the matter is that more than 100 elected officials and 50 people long before we got the attention of the public. We received early support from both of these prominent clergy. Summit and Kaiyahoga County, several unions supported my candidacy, “said candidate Shontell Brown.

Other members of Congressional Black executives, such as Columbus Regional Assembly member Joyce Beatty and Mississippi State Assembly member Benny Thompson, who chairs the House Elections Committee investigating the January 6 Capitol riots, are Brown. Came to support.

“She is a team player, not just a person to go with. She has her own opinions and ideas, but she supports what she believes and we believe in the Democratic Party. It reflects that, “Representative Beatty said.

“Nina Turner in Washington needs to make sure that she not only passes a strong physical infrastructure bill, but also a more important human infrastructure bill,” Sanders said.

After the rally, Sanders and Turner marched to the Election Commission with their supporters on Tuesday before voters made the final decision.

Eleven other candidates, including two Republicans, are running for seats.

11NS The district is very democratic. The winners of the primary election are expected to win the general election as well.

The special election will replace Marcia Fudge, who was appointed by President Biden as Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.

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