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Portland, Oregon 2021-06-15 18:46:28 –

OHSU has early discoveries from research over the last 11 months

OHSU laboratory (KOIN, file)

Portland, Oregon (KOIN) —A new study by Oregon scientists shows that body protection against COVID-19 lasts for a year, perhaps more, if the virus survives or is completely vaccinated. There is a possibility.

OHSU officials said it was an early finding in the study of COVID patients. This study is a step towards knowing if a third COVID shot is needed.

The OHSU study focused on 20 people infected with COVID in 2020, from those with mild symptoms to those who were hospitalized. Scientists have studied regular blood samples taken from patients enrolled in the study for the past 11 months.

They found that patients had developed memory cells in their bodies, recognizing that they needed to make more antibodies to fight COVID-19 if the virus recurred.

“Almost a year later, it’s easy to identify a survey of immune cells in people’s blood. Even a year after the initial infection, the immune system is ready to protect against repeated infections,” OHSU said. Dr. William Messer, a researcher at the, said.

It means that we will continue to protect people for a while after that. Scientists also had some people in studies who were vaccinated after infection, and they had even higher levels of antibodies to fight another COVID attack.

Want to participate in the study? Email: researchbiobank@ohsu.edu

This shows that even people infected with COVID can get more protection by being vaccinated.

The question of whether booster shots will be needed at some point, depending on the variant, is not yet answered.

OHSU research: How long does COVID protection last? Source link OHSU research: How long does COVID protection last?

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