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Bakersfield, California 2021-05-26 20:15:00 –

California’s Khan-centric oil industry representative opposed a call for a “fair transition” from oil production in the state on Wednesday with an online press conference highlighting potential lost local jobs and tax revenues. went.

Governor Gavin Newsom speaks at an hour-long event, despite efforts to ban certain oilfield processes, tighten other regulations, and phase out California’s oil production altogether by 2045 Politicians, union leaders, industry workers and others emphasized the growing demand for oil in the state.

Organized by an industry group of the Western Petroleum Association, this event is a recent event by the Environmental and Environmental Justice Group, where Sacramento not only shuts down oil production, but also provides thousands of workers with new careers such as improvement work. It became a systematic counterargument to the request. In the industry.

Kevin Slagle, a WSPA spokesman who denied that a fair transition is possible, said a better strategy was “all of the above” energy strategies that would allow all Californians access to reliable electricity at an affordable price. Insisted on supporting.

Vince Fong, a lawmaker at R-Bakersfield, said banning oil production in the state would only increase California’s reliance on crude oil imported from countries with low labor and environmental standards.

“We need more energy production,” he said, adding that it would be naive to think that thousands of oil workers could move on to jobs that he claimed to be nonexistent.

As Newsom responded to pressure from environmental groups by accelerating the schedule to end California’s oil production, Kahn was highly concentrated in the county’s oil workers and was funded by a major oil company. It is the focus of Sacramento’s policy review because it relies disproportionately on property taxes paid. Local public service.

The state’s formal plans for a transition from oil will not be announced until July, but signs earlier this month are to help the Newsom administration fund regional planning initiatives such as B3K regional economic cooperation. It suggests that. The project aims to create good local jobs by maximizing the county’s existing strengths, including oil and gas expertise. Planners say the region could help become a leader in technologies such as biofuel and carbon capture and quarantine.

Three female oil workers told participants at the conference on Wednesday how the industry was able to build a strong career in applied science.

One of the three, Maira Castro, said she could afford a home and was trying to send her daughter to college thanks to her job as a well analyst at oil producer California Resources Corp. It was.

“My job is more than just a job,” she said. “It’s my livelihood, my children depend on me, and I rely on my work to move forward in this uncertain era.”

John Spalding, secretary-general of the Building, Construction and Trade Council of Khan, Inyo and Mono County, said organized workers are moving as Newsom ignores science and accelerates the state’s transition from oil. He said he had less time to comment on. .. As a result, investment will be lost and tax revenues will be lost, he said.

“Men and women working in the oil industry are being asked to withdraw,” he said.

County supervisor Zack Scrivner said more pollution would be exacerbated by bringing more imported oil from ports in Southern California. Newsam said the focus should be on reducing the state’s rising oil demand, rather than “throwing bones” at the governor’s “radical environmental infrastructure.”

“Why are we attacking us from the supply side when there is demand?” He asked.

Oil industry, politicians rebut calls for state’s ‘just transition” away from oil | News Source link Oil industry, politicians rebut calls for state’s ‘just transition” away from oil | News

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