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OK County Jail Trust to hear recommendations for new jail on new site – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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Oklahoma City (Free Press) — Oklahoma County Criminal Justice Authority or Prison Trust will meet on Monday 29 November to receive a set of detailed recommendations for building a new prison in a new location within 10 minutes of downtown. ..

The Criminal Justice Advisory Board (CJAC), the same research group that the County Commissioner first recommended to establish a prison trust, has been researching possible ways of action to recommend to the trust.

Action recommendations

After nearly a year of research and two public meetings by the FSB Architects, CJAC said Prison Trust and Oklahoma County will build a new single-level detention center facility on a new 45-acre site within 10 minutes of downtown. It is recommended to do.

This is a recommendation approved at the last CJAC meeting sent to the Trust on November 18th.


The CJAC Facility Subcommittee, chaired by Dan Straughan and Sue Ann Arnall, considered the initial construction and ongoing operating costs of three different options (included in the slide deck below).

We then compared their estimated initial and ongoing costs, as well as the operational savings that could be used for additional staffing. The current staffing of prisons continues to be a continuing problem, exacerbated by the 13-story design of the current facility.

Their recommendation was to eliminate multiple floors and adopt new facilities and new sites so that new dedicated medical and mental health sections could be incorporated. Currently, at least one elevator in the 13-story facility is always out of order, and there were no medical or mental health facilities at the time of opening.

Details on why the new facility and new site were presented to CJAC on this slide deck are also one of the attachments to the agenda of the prison trust meeting on Monday.


Current problem

At the last CJAC meeting, the FSB Consultants and Facilities Subcommittee acknowledged that there are current humanitarian issues that must also be addressed by prison managers, CJAC, and prison trusts.

In part of Dan Strogan’s report to CJAC, he admitted that the current prison must be “inhumane.”

He said their subcommittee toured the facility in detail on 17 November and learned more about the current problems of the facility, which remains a disastrous place for the detainees and those working there. reported.

Straughan pointed out that the recent “infrastructure improvements” over the last 18 months have shown some progress.

He reported that the improvements included: “With a brand new plumbing system, water charges have dropped from over $ 53,000 to less than $ 9,000 per month. Allows fresh air to enter prisons, equips HVAC systems with sterilizing UV lights, and ducted viruses. A new HVAC system that reduces infections. “

Straughan also reported that he continued to replace inoperable cell locks, protecting detainees from prison employees as well as other detainees.

Activists presented a copy of what appeared to be a report from their visit on May 18-20, 2021, and reported that it was delivered to prison administrator Greg Williams on June 9. It can be presumed to be a copy of the real report.

This report shows that various local and national media outlets have reported over the past five years on the near-medieval physical problems of prisons.

The report also reveals many issues with procedures that TV crews and visiting reporters may miss.

Below is an estimated copy of the report given to us by activists:


Similarly, activists circulated a report issued by the Oklahoma Department of Health Detention Program after a sudden visit to prison on 22 October.

Then, on November 9, a defect statement was issued. This copy was obtained by an activist and passed to Free Press.

No one in the prison trust, or anyone connected to CJAC, has denied the credibility of any of these documents.

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The Prison Trust will meet on Monday, November 29, at 1:00 pm in Room 204 of the Oklahoma County Hall Annex.

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