Ok, I’ll admit it – I’m a “dry tester”.Better than emojis and verbal diarrhea | Emma Beddington

H.Is your text life dry? I recently became aware of this phenomenon. dry text message: Short, one-word responses (yes, no, ok, lol) to chatty messages that are considered inappropriate, hostile, or hurtful.

Our family conversations are dry, just like the Atacama desert. Most messages are ‘k’ or ‘OK’. Interesting information sent by those of us who want to stay connected (yes, that’s fine, mostly me) has not been commented. Most of them are unopened. My husband recently circulated a link to a news article about a local repair cafe he volunteers at. Neither of our sons responded.

I can be a brief tester in response to a friend who sends a 3-paragraph multi-message epic. It’s partly a lack of mental bandwidth to write more outside of my day job. It’s a “no words” scenario, except “haha” and “great” instead of vibes. If I could get into emoji – I can’t – I would definitely be a “single thumbs up” kind of texter.

Another reason I’m text dry is because I can’t write anything unless my typing is terribly messed up or I’m brutally provoked by autocorrect. When I try to fix it, I hit M instead of delete, so most of the messages are “We we are mmmmmmmm”. You can change your keyboard settings, but it’s easier to keep it quiet.

Anyway, I really like dry texting. It has an economic, haiku-like poem, his final four messages from his stepfather: “Yes,” “OK,” “Good,” and “OK.” The staccato thread between me and her husband is mostly “Dogs?” “T’es où” (where are you) “Kfé?” (coffee) and “yes”. He used his one emoji in his January and I still haven’t gotten over it. Broader messages, like when a stepfather starts tallying the swifts reappearing in the summer, or when her husband spontaneously says he misses me, also make it special. Those in a text relationship with a more talkative type will never know the thrill.

Emma Beddington is a columnist for The Guardian

https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2023/feb/27/i-admit-it-i-am-a-dry-texter-it-beats-emojis-or-verbal-diarrhoea Ok, I’ll admit it – I’m a “dry tester”.Better than emojis and verbal diarrhea | Emma Beddington

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