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OKCMOA’s ARTonTAP focuses on brewing as an art form – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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Oklahoma City (Free press) — Have you ever wanted to combine the intelligence and emotion of enjoying fine art with the simplicity and comfort of drinking beer on Saturday night?

So is there an event at the Oklahoma City Museum?

For the 17th consecutive year, the museum has held ARTonTAP nights, inviting local breweries to the museum’s space, enjoying the museum’s artwork and exhibits while tasting different flavors and styles. Provided to customers. It quickly became an annual favorite and attracted attention not only among thirsty art fans, but also among more and more local brewers.

And of course, COVID was a hit, making the 2020 fan’s favorite event impossible.

Fortunately, OKCMOA was fully reopened and pre-pandemic visitor numbers were reported throughout the summer, so when ARTonTAP returned on Saturday night, October 23, they were their most beloved. We are ready to reintroduce one of our annual events. Appearance and location.

Block party!

“This year, Couch Drive will turn into an ART on TAP block party,” said Kimberly Warrell, development director at OKC MOA. “By moving the event outdoors, we can get together safely while providing the opportunity to support local breweries and museums.”

The decision to move most of the event outdoors is clear. The museum still operates under a timed ticket and requires a mask and indoor distance to mitigate an ongoing pandemic, but the move will allow some new additions to the festival. ..

“This year’s event is a demonstration of live music and live art, which is a bit different from the last few years,” said Becky Weinz, director of marketing at the museum. “ARTonTAP’s goal has always been to support the local brewery scene and museum exhibitions and programs. We are excited to get it back.”

Of course, the real star of the night is beer itself.

OKC’s largest beer supplier, Capital Distribution, hosts beer gardens that showcase famous domestic (and perhaps internationally) beers, but the biggest attraction is always the locals.

Oklahoma beer

The Oklahoma brewing community hasn’t stopped the explosion even throughout the pandemic. New breweries are always open and have many of the most established reporting record production numbers. Local breweries, young and old alike, rely heavily on public events like ARTonTAP to disseminate information about new products and create a remarkable space among the many OK beer choices.

“Beer and art have endless similarities. Introducing both at an event like this is a great way to share these similarities,” said one of OKC’s Lively Beerworks headbrewers. Says Shaun Wright. “As an artist and a brewer, we are trying to tell consumers something.”

According to Wright, brewing is as diverse and creative as any other form of art.

“Some brewers are traditionalists and love to spin on European styles that have existed for hundreds of years, while others have too many Twinkies to add to their beer. You may be interested in finding a key pound limit, “he explained. “Artists have a diverse history of being, learning and relying on the same, from realism to abstraction.”

Art and beer

The blurring of the line between art and beer is easy to see when talking to the people who make it. When asked for some explanation of the beers available in ARTonTAP, the response comes back full of stories of complementary flavors, base notes, harmonies, effervescence and more. The way they describe their work is no different than the painter who details his work.

Maurice Perez (courtesy)

A good example: Maurice Perez. OKC’s flagship Anthem Brewing brewer, local painter and artist, and hosting many OVAC events and showcases, anyone familiar with the crossroads of art and brewing I wouldn’t.

But what Perez loves most is the freedom and time he is allowed to create in both worlds.

“This job was a very enjoyable experience, combining the science and technology of making beer to enable spontaneity and quick decision-making moments, much like being in front of an easel with a paintbrush.” Said. “These moments always occur and the result can add a significant amount to the final product.”

Whether you’re making a recipe to brew beer or creating a visual masterpiece, taste is always important.


The 18th ART on TAP at the Oklahoma City Museum will take place on Saturday, October 23, from 6 pm to 10 pm along the couch drive in front of the museum.Tickets can be purchased at okcmoa.com/events..

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OKCMOA’s ARTonTAP focuses on brewing as an art form Source link OKCMOA’s ARTonTAP focuses on brewing as an art form

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