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OKCPS Board of Ed hires temp service to provide substitute teachers – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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Oklahoma City (Free press) — Oklahoma City Public Schools are now joining the other surrounding districts and hiring Kelly Education, a division of Kelly Services, to provide all alternative teacher services in the district.

District officials say the wage rate for substitute teachers remains unchanged and the district pays Kelly Education additional money as a contractor to provide substitute teachers for the district.

Two Kelly staff members have offices in the administration building and are in close contact with district staff and supervisors.

Teachers Union support

“We support this,” Oklahoma City AFT President Tory Shoecraft told Free Press after the meeting. The union is the official bargaining unit for all teachers at Oklahoma City Public Schools.

“Currently, our teachers need a lot of help with class coverage. They have to cover all day, every day,” she continued.

Teachers currently in a particular building may be required to accept an entire class where the teacher is ill and the district does not have enough alternatives to cover it for the day. ..

According to Shoecraft, the service guarantees “a filling rate that exceeds what is currently a hit in the pools it currently owns.”


After the meeting, Brad Helzer, Deputy Director of Human Resources, Security and Security, spoke with Free Press.

He said Kelly Education has two employees in the administration building where they can be in close contact with the OKCPS administrator.

He said the agent employment issue would be dealt with by Kelly education rather than by the district. However, the district will continue to contact Kelly directly for all alternatives.

“Ultimately, if something goes wrong at school, we’ll contact Kelly,” says Herzer. “There are two people on the scene. We went to them right away and said,” Hey, this person isn’t exercising on this site. We don’t want them to be there. Or …’Hey, I need a little more help on this site. ‘”

LR, board member Markman, board chairman Paula Lewis, and director Sean McDaniel. Board Secretary Craig Kates sits in front of a horseshoe. (BRETT DICKERSON / Oklahoma City Free Press)

Kelly handles all vicarious liability, including workers’ accident compensation and unemployment.

One of the benefits of having Kelly process alternatives was that they had the “resources” to find and adopt more alternatives than the district had.

OKCPS joins the surrounding school districts when signing with Kelly. Kelly has the advantage of providing a much larger pool for deployment.

Helzer said he had spoken to personnel representatives from other school districts with experience in the company.

“they [Kelly] They have a solid track record of doing a really good job. So I talked to some other HR personnel in the metro and they all said they did a really good job for them, “Helzer said.

He said Norman, Moore, Mustang, Piedmont, and some others in the metro are already using it.

Some board members were concerned. Ruth Veales was worried that the right comparisons weren’t made between the companies, but Herzer tried to assure her that the right comparisons were made.

Carrie Jacobs was concerned about the size of the pool in which OKCPS participated and suspected that the actual number of available pools would be lost as the district entered the pool. Helzer said Kelly needs to increase what is available.

National trends

As in the national case, OKCPS is in much higher demand for substitute teachers (sometimes called “guest teachers”) than in the last few years due to the extreme causes of the pandemic.

While many have opted to retire or change jobs, those who continue to be soldiers experience regular fatigue in dealing with the loss of learning continuity of students during a pandemic.

The demand to return students to their intended level causes teacher fatigue and illness more often, which requires more alternatives.

The district also found that pools of alternatives available were significantly reduced due to threats of infection and other concerns associated with the effects of the pandemic.

Gatewood Elementary

In addition to other business items, the Board has agreed to rename the former Gatewood Elementary School. Gatewood students were integrated into another primary school as part of a pre-pandemic district strategic plan.

Efforts are currently underway for an independent organization to establish a new Early Childhood Education Center.

They requested that the building be renamed to “Sandy L. Garrett Center for Early Childhood Education in Gatewood” on Monday night and were approved by the Board.

This is a letter sent to the board of directors with an official request.

Rename from application-from Gatewood to SL-Garrett

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