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OKCPS to spend $2 million on revamped school resource officer program – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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Oklahoma City (Free press) — The Oklahoma City School District Board of Education has approved a $ 2 million budget for a School Resource Officer contract with the Oklahoma City Police (OKCPD) for the upcoming school year starting July 1.

Eighteen OKCPD officers will be SROs for the program.

The contract requires the supervision of those officers by two lieutenants provided by OKCPD. The adjutant will lead the SRO and concentrate on holding regular briefings with officers.

The OKCPD captain will work with Joseph Slawinski, OKCPS’s security director, who answered our question on Monday after a board of education meeting where the security budget was approved, to oversee the entire program.

SRO obligations include the usual obligations of 185 class days in addition to the payment of obligations for sporting events and other activities after normal class hours. The contract also includes increasing district guards at school board meetings.

The Deputy Oklahoma County Sheriff will be the SRO of Spencer High School, located in the unincorporated part of eastern Oklahoma County, on the Oklahoma City border and outside the jurisdiction of OKCPD. The SRO is paid under another contract.

Clear purpose

In recent years, OKCPS has been local and Public criticism The SRO arrested students too much for simple discipline issues that teachers and principals had to deal with.

After all, the zero-tolerance discipline policy and the police, who were asked to arrest students for former discipline issues, said that the “school-to-prison pipeline,” that is, strict school discipline, did not build a relationship, and students Higher rates have been arrested both inside and outside the school. The result was more colored students and students from low-economic groups who went to jail at an earlier age.

In the early days of the SRO program in the metro, a single SRO basically worked according to the instructions of the building principal. If the principal is ineffective, there is an immediate trend towards having the SRO arrest the student rather than the teacher or manager who uses a well-studied concept of discipline to build a better relationship with the student. started.

However, OKCPS has been working on a major conceptual change in the program that has been postponed for a long time.

Last year, according to Slawinski, district staff and teachers worked together with the clear expectation that the SRO would focus on safety and resist the temptation to engage in discipline enforcement.


“The point is that SRO is basically there, first and foremost, to help protect property, OKCPS employees, visitors and students,” says Slawinski. “They aren’t there as guard dogs. They have nothing to do with school discipline, and that’s a good thing.”

Offering direct daily oversight from a SRO-focused lieutenant, OKCPD promises to break the SRO out of the discipline loop and focus on safety and security.

“We want to make SROs friendly,” Slawinski said, adding that students need to be well accustomed to SROs to let them know that a dangerous situation may be occurring. I did.

“It’s the same as good community policing,” he said. “I need to build a relationship with the masses.”

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OKCPS to spend $2 million on revamped school resource officer program Source link OKCPS to spend $2 million on revamped school resource officer program

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