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Oklahoma City (Free press) — COVID-19 continues to cause havoc and horror around the world, but many already call the status quo of entertainment and pop culture the “post-pandemic” world. Cinemas are recovering, sports arenas are reducing vaccine requirements (albeit unwisely), and music venues are rejuvenated with face-to-face shows and an enthusiastic audience.

The impact on the system in 2020 has had many lasting consequences, but it has also brought some lasting contributions to the entertainment world. Last year, all types of relentless and productive creators used the Internet to stream their efforts from home. Some artists and performers will be familiar with livestreaming and will bring it to “New Normal”.

Mac Seigel, guitarist at OKC rocker Kill Carmine, said: “We love many online creators on YouTube and Twitch, and we watch as many creators as we listen to music.”

All Kill Carmine members (Mac, Jeff Kirbas, and brothers Jack and Gabe Martin) regularly perform concert streams on Twitch from their home rehearsal space, fully embracing the world of online streaming as a brand platform and presentation. I am.

However, they also maintain a more traditional presence on the platform, stream games and interact with other creators. These are all from the band’s profile, and such direct plug-in access only increases interest and activity among fans.

“In the past, we’ve been committed to creating non-music content online, apart from music projects,” says Mac. “Bringing that experience and joining the band just makes sense when we start thinking in terms of maximizing the creative energy we have to give.”

“Kilkermine is more than just a band, it’s a place to share our lives as musicians, creators, gamers, and friends,” Gabe added. “By pulling the curtain, you can get your fans into the band instead of watching a carefully crafted show or listening to recorded music.”

This group was actually formed from several bands and projects from the past. When the band was about a sweaty stage and a live audience, it goes back to the old world before COVID. Kill Carmine hosted some traditional shows and created a solid buzz, but when the entertainment world was pushed primarily into the digital realm, they were very embraced and they said. I found a comfortable outlet to say.

“The reaction from real fans and new online fans is a universal surprise,” Mac explained. “Local fans are amazed at the production value of our stream. Online fans are amazed to see the full rock band being streamed on Twitch.” Twitch Affiliate “on the day of the first show. It was a hit. We reach more viewers, interact with our fans and raise more money in every stream than any live show we’ve ever played. “

But they aren’t just aiming at the virtual world. They have just played the first face-to-face spot since the pandemic began on 51st St Speakeasy and are preparing for the release of their new single “But Then the Sun” on New Year’s Eve. This track is an arena-ready rock anthem that includes a seriously striking vocal acrobatics. This is the latest in a series of singles that the band dropped while planning a full-length release.

“Our fans were really begging for a way to listen to our music,” Jack said. “So we had to give people what they wanted. Originally we were planning to release an EP, but while working on a larger release, sitting on the finished music doesn’t seem right. was.”

Kill carmine
Kill Carmine (offer)

In addition to dropping the single online on December 31, the band is, of course, planning a New Year’s explosive performance streamed on Twitch.

“We make this show the biggest work we’ve ever done,” Jack told me. “In addition to celebrating the release, we are unveiling a new digital short and working with other streamers.”

And they have no plans to slow down from there. In 2022, Kill Carmine is ready to expand the stream, drop new singles and continue to build a network of fans and collaborators online.

“It was very successful when we overcame the technical challenge of reaching the whole world from the comfort of our garage,” Gabe adds.

Find Kill Carmine online on Facebook and Instagram, and follow all of Twitch’s livestreaming and virtual concerts on twitch.tv/killcarmine.

Their next single, “But Then the Sun,” will be available on the streaming service on December 31st.

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OKC’s Kill Carmine rock with virtual concerts and new media Source link OKC’s Kill Carmine rock with virtual concerts and new media

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