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Okla House Dems call for special session to repeal school mask prohibition – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 2021-08-02 17:54:59 –

Oklahoma City (Free Press) — Democrats at the Oklahoma House oppose the majority of Republicans in the state legislature and the lack of action by Republican Governor Kevin Stitt on the dramatic increase in Oklahoma’s COVID.

In a statement on Monday, Democrats acknowledged the rapid spread of COVIDD variants throughout the state, just as parents and students are preparing to return to school in early to mid-August.

by CDC data tracker, Oklahoma is ranked 41st in the country, and as of the information released on July 2, only 40% of the population is vaccinated.

In the light of the outbreak, the Democratic legislature is calling for a special session to abolish Senate Bill 658, which was passed during this last legislative session.

HB 658 prohibits public school districts from requiring masks to be worn. This is one of the practices that slows the spread of airborne infections such as COVID and common influenza.

Governor’s refusal to act

One provision of the law leaves room for the district to create requirements as long as the governor declares a state of emergency. Stitt has recently quoted the specific “freedom” residents should have about whether to vaccinate or wear masks on their children, and has already stated that they are not willing to do so.

In addition to the law, Stitt, who refused to declare a state of emergency, will bind the school district on how to handle the expected return to school this fall and keep children safe.

The CDC recommends vaccination for people over the age of 12, but not for children under that age. According to their guidelines, “Children between the ages of 2 and 12 should wear masks in public places and around people who do not live with them.”

Powerful remarks

“What must happen before we take COVID seriously?” Asked House Minority Leader Emily Virgin, D-Norman.

“ICU has children. Our school is about to open without the ability to protect staff and students. As the number of cases continues to grow, our vaccination coverage is one of the worst in the country. “

She said it was time for Congress to take action if Stitt was “trying to give up his responsibilities.”

D-OKC, a minority caucuse chairman, has assigned a majority of Republicans to the House of Representatives, “I can’t lead the Oklahoma and serve them properly.”

“We knew that Senate Bill 658 was irresponsible and short-sighted, and now local decision makers have done everything they can to keep them safe and alive. I’m looking at the challenges I’m facing when I’m there, “Manson said.

Key worker children

D-OKC Rep. Jose Cruz represents an indispensable worker district on the southwest corner of Oklahoma City. “It’s time to act now, before losing Oklahoman,” he said.

“I represent some of the hard-working Oklahomans in House District 89,” Cruz said. “When the pandemic first occurred, we were hit hardest. We had the least access to the vaccine and lost friends and family.”

He goes on to say, “We value our health because it is the only way we get up every day to feed our family.”

“I work very closely with the medical industry and frontline workers,” said Ajay Pittman, Congressman of D-OKC. “During this health crisis, we are at great risk to our color community, including students, businesses and tribes.”

Local control issues

Southside Democratic Rep. Mickey Dollens (D-OKC) has a common Republican claim to focus on local control solely to overturn the local decision that “children’s lives are at stake.” Undertook the separation between.

“Whether you agree or disagree with a particular health policy, we all agree that decisions are best made by those who are directly affected by them,” Drence said. ..

“It’s time to act,” said Andy Fagate, Congressman of D-Dell City. “Local civil servants need options. Currently, the only option they have is to close and virtualize school buildings. The best instruction is face-to-face instruction and that option is safe. You need to work hard to maintain it. “

Republican lawmakers not only said that local schools with taxation could not make a decision to request masks, but also recently private companies, especially private companies to ask the legislature before requesting masks in hospitals. Asked.

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