Oklahoma House Rep makes controversial comparison of abortion to slavery – Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon 2021-04-08 07:59:33 –

Oklahoma City (KFOR) – Members of the Oklahoma House fired on Wednesday for making comments comparing abortion and slavery and calling them non-racist.

Rep. Jim Olsen has submitted to the House Public Health Commission a bill SB 612 to abolish abortion by making doctors a felony to perform surgery.

In his discussion, he compared the fight to abolish abortion with a long push to abolish slavery by a single man in Britain.

“If we believe these are really human beings living in the womb of a woman, this is definitely worth doing, even if it takes a long time,” Olsen said.

But the message was overlooked in parts of the room, especially for Congressman Ajay Pittman.

“To clarify what you just said, do you say that saving the life of a slave, or saving the life of a fetal, is more important than saving the life of a slave? ? ”Pitman asked at the committee.

“In the context I was working on it, none of us want to be killed. None of us want to be slaves. If I make my choice, I will be slaves. I think it will be. At least slaves have lives. When your life is gone, it will be gone, “Olsen replied.

“That’s what triggered it. It’s trauma. It hurts,” Pittman later told KFOR. “Nothing we had to do to get here, and what we had to do every day to fight for our members who look like us in Oklahoma. I’m insensitive. “

Olsen then doubled his remarks, claiming that he did not support slavery.

“In the context of general history, I compared one evil to another, and very frankly I don’t apologize for it,” Olsen said.

Meanwhile, Pittman said this is just another sign that the Oklahomans, even those who lead us, need better training in terms of racial and cultural sensitivities.

“You have the right to present this bill and clarify why you support your policy, but our colleagues are culturally insensitive to their body members, committee members. When they are, they will not think twice to compare abortion slavery, or comparing unborn babies, unborn children with slaves is discouraged and continues to recede in Oklahoma It shows that we are doing it, “says Pittman.

The bill passed the committee with an 8 to 1 vote. Had Pitman not been out of the room after the exchange with Olsen, he would have had another vote against.

Oklahoma House Rep makes controversial comparison of abortion to slavery Source link Oklahoma House Rep makes controversial comparison of abortion to slavery

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