Oklahoma State QB Spencer Sanders Won’t Play Tonight – Tulsa, Oklahoma

Tulsa, Oklahoma 2021-09-08 01:43:35 –

Just hours before the kick-off, the Oklahoma State Cowboys received some bad news about starting quarterback Spencer Sanders.

Sanders will not be able to play Missouri tonight. He will be on the sidelines because of the COVID-19 protocol, according to reports from the Cowboy Radio Network.

Head coach Mike Gandhi said he was impressed with the development of Sanders this offseason.

“We are very impressed and excited about the development of Spencer,” Gandhi said at the time. “My personal opinion is that last year summer conditioning set him back because of the spring ball and COVID he missed.”

Second grade Shane Illingworth is expected to begin his third career under the Cowboys Center on behalf of Sanders later tonight. Ellingworth played uneven performances in several games during the 2020 season.

Illingworth led Oklahoma to victory over West Virginia and Kansas during the 2020 season. He completed 73% of his pass attempts at 404 yards and made four touchdowns with these wins.

There were some positives, but Illingworth also struggled when he faced the best competition. After Sanders was injured and collapsed, he touched down to Oklahoma 21-5 at 71 yards.

Oklahoma and Missouri will kick off tonight at 7 pm EST.

Oklahoma State QB Spencer Sanders Won’t Play Tonight Source link Oklahoma State QB Spencer Sanders Won’t Play Tonight

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