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Tulsa, Oklahoma 2022-05-19 01:44:08 –

Tulsa, Oklahoma
A group of recent high school graduates set out on a dream trip early Wednesday morning, but they didn’t achieve it after American Airlines called it a fraudulent purchase.

Oklahoma Union High School graduates left Coffeyville for Springfield, Missouri early Wednesday morning for Orlando, Florida. When they went to the airport to board the plane, they noticed that some students didn’t have the actual tickets.

This group of Oklahoma Union High School graduates and sponsors raised money for a once-in-a-lifetime trip last year.

“The purpose of the trip was to go to Universal Studios and Disney World,” said Shaudna Anderson, the mother of one of the travel graduates.

The group was supposed to take off from Springfield, Missouri at 10:30 on Wednesday morning, but their plans were changed last night.

“Last night, the kids got a call saying the flight was canceled,” Anderson said.

Anderson said he was still determined to make the trip a reality and tried to come up with another plan. At that time, she said they received another call, this time she said the flight returned to them on schedule.

“When they went out this morning, they thought the plane was available. When they got there, they realized it wasn’t available anymore,” said the mother of another graduate of the trip. One Monica Richardson said.

When they dug a little deeper, they knew what really happened.

“They just discovered that it was a person disguised as Allegiant Air and thought they had booked through Allegiant Air,” Anderson said.

Many of the jobs and sacrifices these mothers said were robbed of their children.

“It’s a pain. It’s a pain. You go out with a group of kids you’ve spent the last 13 years with, a first grader,” Anderson said.

The students couldn’t fly to Orlando, but they’re making the most of their experience in Missouri visiting the aquarium’s Bass Pro Shops and planning to go to other local attractions. increase.

2 News Oklahoma contacted Allegiant Air and made the following statement:

“Thank you for contacting us. Unfortunately, this group seems to be the victim of fraud by a third party other than Allegiant.

Malicious people who promote fraudulent call-in numbers and websites, disguise themselves as legitimate travel services, or disguise themselves as airlines are common in the industry. Unfortunately, these scams have spread throughout the pandemic.

If someone in the group uses a credit card for a transaction, the best thing to do is to follow up with the bank associated with it. Representatives there can report fraud and help recover lost funds. We sincerely apologize for the occurrence of such a situation. We will assist you in the investigation.

Encourage viewers to always make sure they are calling the airline directly because of this incident. One easy way to do this is to visit the official website for customer contact information.

Inform your viewers that Allegiant is not affiliated with third parties such as Expedia, Travelocity, or other travel-related websites or call centers.Customers can only book with us Allegiant.com [scanmail.trustwave.com] Alternatively, please call the Customer Service Department (702-505-8888). “

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