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Oklahoma woman loses feet to COVID-19, husband never leaves her side during illness, recovery – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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Oklahoma City () – “I remember being paralyzed,” said Charlotte Kreizenbeck. “I didn’t know where I was, but I remember the nurse saying,’You were very, very ill.'”

She was alone in the hospital bed, unable to move and couldn’t figure out why she was there. About a month ago, the battle between Charlotte and COVID-19 began. She spent 46 days in the ICU.

“I started to have breathing problems. I didn’t feel so sick, so I didn’t think I was infected with COVID-19, but I had difficulty breathing and on the day when all the electricity was cut off in October. The city. There was a storm, “said Charlotte.

This was a precursor to an even bigger storm in the future. Due to the ice storm in late October, most of Oklahoma, including Charlotte’s clinic, was no longer powered. She found a generator-powered clinic in the neighboring town. A medical expert checked Charlotte’s oxygen levels and told her to go to the hospital immediately, and it was there that Charlotte tested positive for COVID-19.

Charlotte Claisen Beck

“Then all I remember is taking a helicopter,” Charlotte said.

Charlotte’s health deteriorated rapidly and she was airlifted to Oklahoma City. The doctor told her family that it didn’t look good.

“When I heard the word ventilator, I knew it wasn’t good, so my heart sank,” said Charlotte’s daughter, Terry Kreisenberger. “I knew I was using a ventilator, but the odds weren’t in her favor.”

While sedated, Charlotte suffered a stroke that paralyzed her left side and impaired her eyesight and her short-term memory.

“I was trying to understand what was happening. I didn’t know the time frame. I wasn’t aware of what happened to me. I was paralyzed on the left side and completely bedridden. I couldn’t move. I couldn’t get up, “Charlott said. “The nurse told me that I was infected with COVID-19 and had been in the hospital for quite some time.”

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Chris Claisen Beck

Her family could not meet her in person due to the safety protocol being implemented in the hospital, but her husband Chris did not leave. He slept in the hospital parking lot.

“We’ve been together too long,” said Chris Claisen Beck. “We grew up together, raised each other, and raised children.”

Chris was in constant contact with his Charlotte, especially the hospital staff who took care of him.

“I called her a death nurse, but she was a good girl. She took me there and met her,” Chris said.

Tears are not comfortable for Chris-a sturdy companion with the shy nature that Charlotte immediately sees.

“You were there with me,” she said. “I’ve been brushing my hair and talking to me. He asked me,” Charlotte, can you hear me? If you hear me hold my hand, “I said. Said.

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Charlotte and Chris Claisen Beck

But still, Charlotte’s journey has come a long way.

“It was hard for them,” she said. “It was very difficult for my family.”

And the medicine the doctor had to give to Charlotte was hard for her.

“There were some scars in my lungs and they had to heal the scars and lungs. They gave me a drug that literally killed my feet, which is mine. I saved my life, “said Charlotte. “My feet turned black and clicked like a tree when touched together, and I had to be strong to undergo amputation.”

The drug was a pressor agent. It constricts blood vessels and raises blood pressure. It is used to treat hypotension in critically ill patients such as Charlotte, whose blood pressure has become dangerously low. COVID-19 did not kill her – it took her foot. The doctor had to cut them.

“This is affecting our daily lives today, but in the future it will be just a memory when we learn to get a prosthesis and walk.”

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Charlotte and her family.

Charlotte not only beats COVID-19, but also tries not to meet again. Immediately after her first interview, she received her first dose of COVID-19 vaccine. Charlotte’s legs may be gone, but that’s not the reason she lives.

“I accepted it and moved forward. I didn’t know if it wasn’t sinking, if it was sinking, and at some point how serious my health was,” she said. .. “In the future, I was excited to hug my grandchildren, meet the children again, and survive COVID-19.”

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Oklahoma woman loses feet to COVID-19, husband never leaves her side during illness, recovery Source link Oklahoma woman loses feet to COVID-19, husband never leaves her side during illness, recovery

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