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Stigler, Oklahoma — Some people plan for the holiday season and holiday shopping in advance, as temperatures still close to 100 degrees Celsius in mid-September.

If a gift card is included in the plan, a warning from an elderly couple of Stigler may reconsider it.

Family photos show Laura and Tom Fletcher the last time they were with their granddaughters and great-grandchildren in Alabama-long before Covid, and long before Christmas last year.

“That’s the hardest part. We couldn’t be together,” Laura says.

Laura and Tom were terribly disappointed last Christmas when they couldn’t be with them in the name of safety.

“They are all precious, they are all just sweet kids,” says Tom.

“Daddy and Nana” to the children did what they thought was the next best thing. I mailed a gift card worth $ 300 to five people so they could find what they really wanted for Christmas.

“We can’t go there and look around for someone. We didn’t want to expose them or ourselves, so we’re trying to stay safe.”

Somewhere between Stigler, Oklahoma and Foley, Alabama, a gift was stolen.

After the envelope was torn and emptied, Fletchers and his granddaughter filed a complaint with police and the post office and learned that someone had used at least one gift card in Memphis.

“We were really angry because these were Christmas gifts for our grandchildren and some great-grandchildren.”

Christmas went back and forth for them, without anything from Nana and Daddy.

“It’s sorrow, it’s sorrow. I feel very sorry for the children, they were so far away,” says Laura and Tom.

After filing the complaint, the post office told Fletchers not to exchange gift cards, even if they insured the envelopes.

They only got back a $ 15 premium.

Fletchers and his granddaughter say they believe that “the post office needs to exchange stolen cards and prosecute thieves for committing federal crimes.”

Fletchers wants to warn others.

2 News Oklahoma Problem Solvers contacted the postal inspector general, saying he “will not comment on the potential investigation,” but said that “the Inspector General is aware of the incident and will continue to consider the situation.”

“It’s frustrating,” says Tom.

To alleviate possible frustration this year, Fletchers may give great-grandchildren a Christmas surprise.

“We may go see them, I may bring them their gifts.”

If the pandemic changes these plans again, Fletchers says they will use another shipping company to offer gift cards overnight.

They say they might consider sending an electronic gift card with less worry about another incident.

If you suspect your card has been stolen, immediately go to the issuer and try to stop paying.

For this reason, professionals are advised to hold an activation receipt for the card after purchasing it.

Make a note of the gift card number that you may need to stop the payment.

When a thief uses a gift card, he usually can’t do anything.

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Older Oklahoma couple looking for other holiday shopping options after gift card mail theft Source link Older Oklahoma couple looking for other holiday shopping options after gift card mail theft

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